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This site has the purpose of presenting information casting light on the Jewish-Polish-American author's, J. T. Gross's book "Neighbours," a seemigly factual-historical account of the alleged enormous massacre of Jews that is supposed to have been perpetrated by their Polish neighbours ( all the townsfolk!) in the little town Jedwabne [pronounced : yedvabne] in eastern Poland in July 1941. The book is due out in the US in July 2001. An unheard-off media frenzy is expected to accompany the publication. Piotr Gontarczyk, a Polish author comments on Gross's book : "The author of 'Neigbors' has used uncritically an extremely poor selection of sources. His book is replete with ill-founded statements; he leaves out or obscures whatever doesn't fit his preconceived thesis, constructing a narrative on the basis of stereotypes, biases, and common gossip. In his reasoning, he doesn't abide by the rules of logic or scholarly objectivity. In short, Gross makes arbitrary metaphysical-ideological statements that have no scholarly grounds whatsoever. Because of all these shortcomings, Gross's book cannot be the basis of any serious discussion on the Polish history in general, and on the Jedwabne crime in particular"

There are thousands of lies, but there is only one truth.

Every murder is a tragedy, one that should not happen.

But every false accusation of committing a murder is also a tragedy - a tragedy for the accused. It should not happen either.

Of course, every investigation of a murder should be conducted with an extreme caution. All the evidence should be scrutinized in the minutest detail. Not only to establish the whole truth, to point the perpetrator and possible accomplices, and to bring them to justice, but also to prevent accusations against innocent people. Especially when a mass murder seems to be the case.

It is evident that in his book on the alleged superpogrom of 1600 (sic!) Jews, allegedly perpetrated by the Poles in the German-occupied eastern Poland, J.T. Gross have not shown due caution, but voiced mere opinions whose basis is the vague testimony of two Jewish "eye-witnesses," Shmul Wasersztajn and Rivka Fogel.

Below are fragments of their testimony.

Rivka Fogel:

"Two sisters, the wife of Avraham Kubrzanski and the wife of Saul Binsztajn, whose husbands fled with the Russians, having endured a horrible punishment at the hands of the Germans, decided to end their own lives and those of their children. They exchanged the children, then jumped together into deep water. Gentiles standing nearby pulled them out, but they managed to jump in again, and drowned."

Shmul Wasersztajn on the same incident:

"That same day I saw a horrible scene. Chaja ("Chaya") Kubrzanska, 28 years old, and Basia Binsztajn, 26, both with babies in their arms, jumped into the pond and drowned, rather than falling into the hands of those hoodlums. First, they tossed the babies into the water, then followed them themselves. Baska Binsztajn went to the bottom instantly, while Chaja Kubrzanska suffered for hours. The bystanders (hoodlums) treated it as a show, enjoying the view and advising her to lie face down in the water, so she could drown quicker..."

It is obvious that these statements seriously contradict one another. Alas, these and numerous other contradictions and ambiguities have been no obstacle to J.T. Gross to fabricate his highly accusatory book.

On this webpage, we will try to present the other side of the Jedwabne story, as seen by those Polish historians and journalists who, unlike some other Polish historians and journalists, dare to question Gross's gross revelations.

This site will be gradually updated.        dont mess with poland

Wlodzimierz Kaluza
Krzysztof Janiewicz 10 March 2001

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*** - The most important articles containing the most recent findings of the investigation and researches conducted on the Jedwabne subject by Polish historians.

** - Articles only partially connected with the events in Jedwabne or containing less information on the subject, but still important.

* - Articles containing other material, like for example about Polish martyrology or Polish - Jewish relations.

- new articles

Title Author Original Date Polish
Articles, interviews
*** Ultimate debunking of Gross prof. Tomasz Strzembosz Rzeczpospolita 31.03.2001 Polish
*** We Cannot Be Afraid dr Bogdan Musiał Życie 02.02.2001 Polish
*** The Verdict of Circuit Court in Lomza in 1949 Piotr Gontarczyk   06.09.2001 Polish
*** Gross versus the facts Piotr Gontarczyk Zycie 28.02.2001 Polish
*** THE SILK ROAD OF LIES - A historian Leszek Żebrowski about Gross's "Neighbors" Waldemar Moszkowski Nasz Dziennik 31.03.2001 Polish
*** The Exploitation of the Tragedy in Jedwabne. Enough is Definitely Enough Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski   20.04.2001  
*** The problems of shock therapy in Jedwabne (PDF) dr Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Rzeczpospolita 05.01.2001 Polish
*** 100 Falsehoods of J.T. Gross (1 - 3) prof. Jerzy Robert Nowak Niedziela - Tygodnik Katolicki 27.02.2001 Polish
*** Jedwabne - LIES AND DISTORTIONS prof. Jerzy Robert Nowak Głos 7 (865) 17.02.2001 Polish
*** The Moral Duty of Getting at the Truth Bishop Stanislaw Stefanek Nasz Dziennik 13.03.2001 Polish
*** Descent of the Satan or Arrival of the Gestapo? prof. Tomasz Strzembosz Rzeczpospolita 12.05.2001 Polish
***new Der unbewußte Antisemitismus Prof. Dr. Tomasz Strzembosz Tygodnik Solidarność 03.08.2001 Polish
*** DO NOT SHAME JEDWABNE! An interview with Mrs. Leokadia Blajszczak, an eyewitness to the Jedwabne tragedy, by Grazyna Dziedzinska   13.05.2001  
*** Revisiting the Gross-Wasersztajn Story Heralds of Truth   13.05.2001  
*** Germans forced Poles to participate in Jedwabne murder Prof. Tomasz Strzembosz Rzeczpospolita 15.03.2001 Polish
*** Jedwabne and the selling of the holocaust Richard Lukas   23.05.2001  
*** THE LATEST WORD Prof. Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski   13.07.2001  
*** To the Editor of The Wall Street Journal Prof. Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski   12.07.2001  
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*** Diffrent versions of crime MJO Kurier Poranny 18.02.2001 Polish
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*** "Neighbours", history or literature Krzysztof Janiewicz   21.03.2001  
*** In a shadow of Jedwabne dr hab. Paweł Machcewicz Rzeczpospolita 11.12.2000 Polish
*** CONFRONTATION AMONG "NEIGHBORS" - A Conference at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert Polonia Today 05.06.2001  
*** "LIVING IN POLONIA" - MORE "BIRDS"? T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert Polonia Today 05.06.2001  
*** "LIVING IN POLONIA" - LET THE PREYING BEGIN! T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert Polonia Today 05.06.2001  
** The ignored collaboration prof. Tomasz Strzembosz Rzeczpospolita 27.01.2001 Polish
** Comments on John Tomas Gross's Ghastly Decade 1939-1948 prof. I.C.Pogonowski POLISH PANORAMA 18.03.2001 Polish
** Why did Gross changed his opinion? Jan Moor-Jankowski   29.05.2001  
** Pro and contra 25 Prof. Jerzy Robert Nowak Niedziela 24.06.2001 Polish
** The historical or the journalistic truth? Piotr Gontarczyk Zycie 21.06.2001 Polish
*** Geschichte oder Propaganda Piotr Gontarczyk Zycie 09.07.2001 Polish
** The facts speak for themselves Maciej Walaszczyk Nasz Dziennik 06.06.2001 Polish
** Quiet Over This Grave Lech Walesa PAP 10.03.2001 Polish
** Professor Finkelstein Upholds His Objections ! Krzysztof Górnik INFOPATRIA 21.03.2001 Polish
** Answer to the anti-Polish venom contained in the article "Poland's willing executioners" Chris Janiewicz   13.05.2001  
** Antipolish campaign continues - correspondence from Belgium Christopher Skotnicki Polish-Belgian Association 10.06.2001 Polish
* WHO HINDERS THE DIALOGUE? An interview with the Reverend Professor Waldemar Chrostowski Paweł Paliwoda Życie 10.04.2001 Polish
* The Forgotten Holocaust Ewa M. Thompson The Sarmatian Review 04.1998  
* Poles in Jewish Discourse Ewa M. Thompson The Sarmatian Review 01.1999  
* Jews murdering Poles prof. Jerzy Robert Nowak Głos 8 (866) Polish
* Between the hammer and the nail Excerpt from the Mark Paul's book "The Story of Two Shtetls" Canadian Polish Congress 24.02.2001  
* NEIGHBOURS On The Eve of the Holocaust Mark Paul Canadian Polish Congress (PDF) 26.03.2001  
* Murderers who take pride in their crime Krzysztof Janiewicz   15.03.2001  
* A MURDERER RECEIVED THE VIRTUTI MILITARI?! Andrzej Kumor Gazeta of Toronto 24.03.2001 Polish
* Protests and actions taken by the Polish Government in exile against the extermination of the Jewish population by the German Government 1939-43     25.05.2001  
News Reports From The Polish Press
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  Grave next to the barn (2 x 5 Meters) Grzegorz Kończewski Nowości - Gazeta Pomorza i Kujaw 19.03.2001 Polish
  Secrets in the archives. Wojciech Kamiński, pap Zycie 24.03.2001 Polish
  Why didn't Gross come to Jedwabne? KAI Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna 23.02.2001 Polish
  New findings in Jedwabne investigation Radio ZET Radio ZET 26.03.2001 Polish
  UNKNOWN DOCUMENTS FROM THE LOMZA ARCHIVES Mikołaj Wójcik Nasz Dziennik 27.03.2001 Polish
  Ksiądz Edward Orłowski o Jedwabnem Ks. Edward Orłowski   10.06.2001 Polish
News Reports From The World Press
  Polish historians question credibility of witnesses cited in 1941 pogrom book BBC BBC 02.04.2001  
  Jewish grave controversy deepens Ray Furlong BBC 04.06.2001  
  Poland Exhumes 200 Jewish Victims of 1941 Massacre   REUTERS 04.06.2001  
Protests, open letters
  Answers from prof. Norman Davies to the accusers of Poland - Letters to the Editor of TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT1|2 prof. Norman Davies      
  United States security is affected by current attempts to destabilize Poland Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski   14.05.2001  
  Comment on the article titled "Revisiting a Massacre" Karol Gutowski
Andrzej Zawadzki
  Response to Sarasota Herald Tribune Prof. I. C. Pogonowski   13.03.2001  
  Response to Free Press Karol Gutowski
Andrzej Zawadzki
  Letter to Princeton Univ. Press Dana I. Alvi POLISH-AMERICAN PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE 17.03.2001  
  Open letter to Mr. Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York State Assambly Christopher Skotnicki Polish-Belgian Assoc. Brussels 22.03.2001 Polish
  Letter to Princeton Univ. Press Dana I. Alvi POLISH-AMERICAN PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE 26.03.2001  
  Letters of Protest to the Editor of Princeton University Press POLISH-AMERICAN PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE
  Letter to the Editor of Princeton University Press Anna R. Dadlez, Ph.D.   02.04.2001  
  Letter to "The Age", Melbourne, Australia Krzysztof Janiewicz   09.04.2001  
  Letter to "The Observer" Krzysztof Janiewicz   11.04.2001  
  Letter to "The New York Times" Karol Gutowski
Andrzej Zawadzki
  Protest to ABC Radio National Krzysztof Janiewicz   19.05.2001  
  An Open Letter from the Residents of Jedwane to the Government of the Republic of Poland COMMITTEE FOR THE DEFENSE OF THE GOOD NAME OF JEDWABNE Tygodnik Katolicki Niedziela 13.05.2001 Polish
  Letter to the President of U.S.A. G.W.Bush Karol Gutowski
Andrzej Zawadzki
  Protestbrief an die Süddeutsche Zeitung Wlodzimierz Kaluza   03.06.2001
  Letter to the National Post Hanna Sokolski, Canadian Polish Congress   23.06.2001  
  Letter to the Editor of NEWSWEEK Michael Preisler   13.07.2001  
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  "Der Spiegel" schliesst sich der Rufmordkampagne gegen Polen an! Wlodzimierz Kaluza   27.07.2001
  To Ms. Anne Roiphe from "The New York Observer" Jaroslaw Waszczuk   24.07.2001  
  Mrs.Margaret Pageler President of Seattle City Council Wojciech Wlazlinski   24.07.2001  

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