Documents found in the archives in Ludwigsburg
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Documents found in the archives in Ludwigsburg indicate that in 1968, six former SS officers and police were tried in a German court for participating in the massacre at Jedwabne. A Berlin TV correspondent located the documents. Contradictory statements from witnesses place the number of victims from 500 to 1000; some blame the Germans, some the Poles.

"Donosy" a daily Internet news digest from Poland, today posted this item:

In the archives in Ludwigsburg were found documents concerning the crime in Jedwabne. These documents indicate that in Feb. 1968, 6 former members of the SS and the police were indicted for this crime before a German court. There are also depositions of witnesses from Jedwabne, who were interrogated by the Commission for Prosecuting Nazi Crimes in Poland. The archives were discovered by the Berlin correspondent of the Polsat news network.

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