Professor Finkelstein Upholds His Objections !
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translated by: Jan Kulach

Jewish organization responds to Finkelstein objections.

Doctor Karl Brozik, director German Section of Jewish Claims Conference, has attempted to repulse the objections submitted by American historian of Jewish origin professor Norman Finkelstein. Doctor Brozik, in his article presented at "Die Welt", has endeavored to clear up the misapprehensions related to the "would-be" (in his opinion) findings about still living Jewish victims. Also he has denied the alleged JCC's money embezzlement, transferred as a compensation in 1950 s'.

In spite of the numerous misapprehension clearing-up attempts by the German JCC Section, Norman Finkelstein has uphold upon the whole the presented earlier objections. In his "Berliner Zeitung" interview, he has accused JCC of appropriation of compensations obtained by negotiations in 1950 s'. Also, he has warned that a similar appropriation may take place at the currently being conducted negotiations. At his spacious interview given for the mentioned newspaper he has incriminated JCC for an unfair course of action. He has said again that actually not less than 135 thousands Jews, former III-rd Reich labour and concentration camps prisoners are still alive.

Norman Finkelstein, New York's UB, Faculty of History graduate, is the author of many historical and political science publications. This historian criticizes also the proposed by Jewish organizations funds distribution system. He has maintains that in order to obtain possible highest compensations, the number of still living Jews - the III-rd Reich victims, is deliberately exaggerated. He maintains also that it is an injustice that the coerced to work in III-rd Reich non-Jewish labuorers, of which a dozen or so times more are still alive, would receive the same compensation as about 25 thousands Jews. Moreover, the Easter- European victims has never had any chance for any compensation while JCC has received from German Government in 1953 80 million USD designated for compensations.

The current value of those money equals approximately one billion USD ($1 000 000 000 US). The fund has never been used according to the actual destination. The whole amount has been transferred to Jewish organizations in Arabic countries. Moreover professor Finkelstein maintains that the fund had been used to establish the pensions for prominent Jewish activists ( some of them are sill being paid until now).

According to professor Finkelstein, JCC itself has supplied the evidence. He emphasizes that the 1953, bearing JCC seals, documents testify the reception of 80 million dollars from German Government. He adds also that the respected Jewish historians, Ronald Zweig and Nana Sagi have described all those circumstances in their book titled "German Reparacions and the Jewish World - a History of the Claims Conference".

Professor Norman Finkelstein, as historian, warns also of the data forgery by Jewish organizations.

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