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Excerpts (quotes from the depositions found in Lomza):

Mojzesz K., 39: "In 1942 the Germans herded all the Jews from the town of Jedwabne into a barn and set it on fire, so that nobody survived. I was not present there but one Motek Kilingros managed to run away from Jedwabne and thus escaped from being herded into the barn; later on, he was with me in the Lomza ghetto, and he told me (...)"

Dawid M., 31: "In July 1942 Germans ordered all the Jews of Jedwabne to come to the market place; at that time I belonged to a partisan unit, I was in Jedwabne and I saw Lejba Pendziuch [the person to be declared dead by the court] among other Jews there. They led all the Jews by fours to the barn, and they set it on fire. [...] About 700 Jews were burned in that barn."

Hercek C., 32: "In July 1941 Germans murdered all the Jews of Jedwabne by burning them in a barn. I saw how they herded them into the barn [...] and how then they set it on fire. At that time I was hiding from the Germans in Jedwabne. I was in hiding and I survived. They burned the Jews in daytime."

Jankiel B., 46: "On 10 July 1941 I saw how the Germans herded all the Jedwabne Jews into a barn and fired it up. [...] I was then hiding from the Germans at the cemetery, and I saw everything."

Chaim S., 30: "The Germans burned the Piekarewiczs in August, I don't remember the year..."

Eljasz G., 23: "[...] the Gradowskis [Grondowski] were burned by the Germans in 1941 [...]"

Rywka F., 38: "[...] the Piekarskis were deported by the Germans when they were liquidating Jews and they still haven't come back [...]"

Piotr M., 65: "[...] Mr. Piekarski with his wife Golda were burned by the Germans [...]"

Jozefa M., 60: "[...] the Germans burned the Piekarskis [...]"

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