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Wiccan Wonders
Night Storm
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(Or wonders never cease whatever the case may be)

Welcome to my homepage,  I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to you.  I started out life as a catholic - an Italian catholic no less. However, time and experiences have changed me and my beliefs.

Now I am a practicing witch......okay before you get out the stake and the matches here me out.Take away everything you have every considered about witchcraft and open your mind to a new and beautiful experience. 

In the following pages I will give you some general wiccan/pagan information and a little of my own thoughts.I never in a million years would have considered I would end up here - but when you are willing to open yourself up to the seemingly impossible you would be surprised at what happens.

I don't know about you; but for me something was always missing in my religious experience.  It just didn't fit so to speak.  I am not by any means a raging feminist. I did however, have a difficult time with a religion that placed women on the back burner......we aren't allowed to be priests but they would let us be powerless nuns.

This is of course just my opinion.  I wasn't comfortable and have been searching for years for something that called to me.  After reading and reading and oh yeah more reading......I finally found a comfortable fit, a religion that embraces both man and woman as equal.

Now we all know there is are diffences between men in women -- definately different parts.  But aside from that we have different strengths and weaknesses.

Wiccan celebrates the diffences between men and women, relying on the strength of both for a wholeness.

We are not however, devil worshippers.  Sorry for any misunderstandings there; but the devil is the boogey man of the christrian religions and has nothing to do with us.  Now that you have pictures of floating pentagrams, horns, tails and pitchforks going around your head.....do what we do.....laugh it off.

I know I know it's all very confusing, but it's a life style that requires you to be responsible.  YOU are responsible for your own beliefs, you are responsible to research the truths of what you believe and you are responsible for your actions in this lifetime.  No one should be spoon feeding your your own beliefs, you are not a child but a perfect child of the god and goddess with opinons and beliefs all your own.

And on that note, I will cease my babbling for now.  As I said I will give you some of the general wiccan/pagan beliefs -- take from them that which calls to your soul.

Check back often as I will update regularly!
wiccan rede
Charge of the Goddess
A poem
A poem
Goddess Invocation
Calling the Quarters
moon phases
Sun God
Principles of Paganism
Gifts of Aradia
Drawing down the Moon
Drawing down the Goddess
Solitary Initiation
Candle Colours
Calender Correspondes
Rites and Ritual/General Information
My Personal Stuff
Magick Aids:
Cleansing Prayer
KSF meditaton
House Blessings
Book of Shadows
To Be A Witch
A Poem
Charge Of The God
Call Of The God
"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preseverd body, but rather a skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - WHAT A RIDE!
Pagan Pledge
Principles Of Practice
The Laws
The Law Of The Power
The Nature Of Our Way
Flora lMagick
Astrologica lCorrespondences
Thought Of The Day
The Wiccan Creed
Powers Of Magus
The Oath Of Wtichcraft
More Moon Information
More Moon Information 2
My Family
My thoughts
Firefly Artwork
Subject Friendship
I Have Learned
I Believe
Full Moon Spells
Basic Herbs
Kitchen Cures
Graphic Sites
Tree Magick
Tree Magick 2
An excellent wiccan forum site, check it out and you will be sure to join!
Metal Magick
More Metal Magick
What Kind Of Tree Are You
Wiccan Definations
Wiccan Moon
Wiccan Moon Phases
My Thoughts 2
White Magick
Wiccan Moon Description
The Four Winds
Wiccan Moon And Tree
The Elements
Follow me to the continuation of Wiccan Wonders as I have run out of room on this page ~

See you there..............
Ritual Structure
Tribute To Shirley
Herbal Grimore
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