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Added:            Pathworking 29th Path – 16th June 1999

F03 Working 20th October 1999

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Here are a couple of pages showing some of my photos. I hope that you like them.


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Kabbalistic Path Workings


For these Path Workings we used a Kabbalistic structure.


Use diagram above to identify paths on the tree each working refers to:

Pathworking 32nd Path - 16th February 1999                Pathworking 32nd Path - 7th April 1999                 Pathworking 31st Path - 12th May 1999

Pathworking 29th Path – 16th June 1999


Elemental Path Workings

The elemental temples we used for theses path workings are described in An Overview of the Temples

I have prepared some images that you could use to do some of your own contemplation/meditation upon the elements.


Earth Temple Workings


E01 Working 4th April 1994

E11 Working 17th August 1994


E02 Working 18th April 1994

E12 Working 14th September 1994


E03 Working 25th April 1994

E13 Working 28th September 1994


E04 Working 2nd May 1994

E14 Working 30th November 1994


E05 Working 29th June 1994

E15 Working 14th December 1994


E06 Working 7th July 1994

E16 Working 19th December 1994


E07 Working 14th July 1994

E17 Working 4th January 1995


E08 Working 27th July 1994

E18 Working 11th January 1995


E09 Working 3rd August 1994

E19 Working 25th January 1995


E10 Working 10th August 1994

E20 Working 15th May 1996

E21 Solo Working 8th May 2007

E22 Working 8th December 1998

E23 Working 13th January 1999


Water Temple Workings


W01 Working 14th February 1994

W08 Working 17th May 1995


W02 Working 15th February 1995

W09 Working 26th May 1995


W03 Working 1st March 1995

W10 Working 5th July 1995


W04 Working 8th March 1995

W11 Working 19th July 1995


W05 Working 15th March 1995

W12 Working 2nd August 1995


W06 Working 22nd March 1995

W13 Working 23rd August 1995


W07 Working 10th May 1995



Air Temple Workings


A01 Working 20th September 1995

A07 Working 29th November 1995


A02 Working 27th September 1995

A08 Working 6th December 1995


A03 Working 4th October 1995

A09 Working 19th December 1995


A04 Working 1st November 1995

A10 Working 3rd January 1996.html


A05 Working 15th November 1995

A11 Working 10th January 1996.html


A06 Working 22nd November 1995

A12 Working 7th February 1996.html






Fire Temple Workings




F01 Working 21st July 1999

F02 Working 15th  September 1999


F03 Working 20th October 1999



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