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We lost our beloved Sweet Baby on February 5, 2009.
Please visit Sweet Baby's Tribute Page.

Find out where to report Veterinary Malpractice in any state in the US, and Canada!

Last updated: Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Web Page is dedicated to all the cats that have graced our lives, and especially to Kiki Dee, Fluffy (a victim of veterinary malpractice), and Binky, three of the best cats there ever were.

These pages contain information about cat health and cat home medical care. We have been owned by many cats over the years (we now have 5), and have encountered many different health problems with them. Some we were able to deal with and nurse back to health, and others that unfortunately we couldn't. We hope this information will be of some use to others who encounter the same problems with their cats. Through the many problems we've dealt with, we found that there was much we could do for our "babies" in terms of home health care.

We devoted over two years of our lives to two of our cats, giving them 24-hour a day care. Neither of us were working at the time, and we slept in shifts, and never let Tom and very rarely let Crazy Mama out of our sight. Our lives revolved around them and we were glad that we had the opportunity and the means to do this for them. We're extremely devoted to them, and are hoping that some of the things that we've learned over the years can help others.

The main purpose of this Cat House is to try to help people to help their kittys.

Come visit with our cats, and read their stories:

Click on their name to see their pictures and read their story!
Homey and his Family
Smokey, Blinky
and Cattherine

Please read our Rainbow Angels stories:

Click on their name to see their pictures and read their story!
Sweet Baby
and his Mama
Mr. Fluffy
Our Dogs:
Fonzi and McGee
Kiki Dee

Little Mama and her kittens:
GiGi, Sammi and Lilli Honi
Crazy Mama

Please read their Tribute Pages:

Click on their name to read their Tribute Page.
Sweet Baby's Tribute Page
Sandy's Tribute Page
Jeffie's Tribute Page
Mia's Tribute Page
GrayC's Tribute Page
Mama's Tribute Page
Bitsy's Tribute Page
Minni's Tribute Page
Biffy's Tribute Page
Kelli's Tribute Page
Fluffy Tribute Page
Binky's Tribute
Kiki's Tribute Page
Tribute to Tom
Little Mama's Tribute Page
Lilli Honi's Tribute
Papa's Tribute Page
Fonzi's Tribute Page
McGee's Tribute Page
GiGi's Tribute Page
Sammi's Tribute Page
Crazy Mama's's Tribute Page

Information on Cat Health:

Cat Health-Related Links
Behavioral Information
Feline Help Di-rectory
Housetraining Information
Kitten Tips
Biffy's Chemo Diary

Important Cat Related Topics:

Spay/Neuter Information
Declawing Information
Feral and Stray Info
Veterinary Malpractice
Fluffy's Story
of Veterinary Malpractice
Where to report
Vet Malpractice
in your state
Help Stop
Animal Abuse
Grief-Related Page
Miracle Cats

Other Cat Related Topics:

Awards We've Won
Remember Sept.11
The HeartsAboard Express

Major problems we've dealt with: seizures, diabetes, blindness, cancer (lymphosarcoma, and other various forms), urinary tract blockage, acute kidney failure, nasal lymphoma, intestinal lymphoma, inflammatory bowel disease, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney failure, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections) and viruses, liver disease (lymphocytic cholangiohepatitis), toxoplasmosis, idiopathic peripheral vestibular disease, ... and on and on...

If you need more information about these problems, please visit our Cat Health-Related Links page or our Feline Help Di-rectory for a list of people with personal experience with many feline related problems.

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