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Nerak's History:
Nerak grew up just outside Ista hold in a cave with her father. He couldn't handle being with alot of people, so he found a cave just outside the hold, and moved himself and his daughter there. He also informed the dragon riders, so that they would keep them safe during times of threadfall. Nerak's only contact with other people as she grew up were talking to the people in the caravans that stopped in a nearby field for the night. One of the caravaners came by often, and they became friends. Eventually, he realized that Nerak was interested in becomming a Healer, and gave her some books that he found. She called him "Uncle" and he was the one that eventually brought her to Ista Hold when her father died of Heart problems. As a young child, she often brought hurt animals home to take care of them. It was very hard for her to handle her fathers illness, and death, so she couldn't stay in their cave for long after his death. She followed her "Uncle" to Ista Hold, and eventually became a Holder, then a healer. The rest of her history is her future!

I made this page so I'd have a place to put logs, for reference or for fun.
If you'd like to add a log, please email me with it and I'll try my hardest to add it in a timely manor!  :) 

There will be more, this is just a start.  My logs will be listed below. (Just a warning, some of these have not been edited yet... there is channel spam on 'em... just sort through it... I'll get around to editing them.) Also, listed after the name of the class are the people who were /in/ the class... other people might have made comments, but the class members are listed.

Classes taught:
Hall Basics

My outlines for teaching classes:
Hall Basics
First Aid
First Aid II

Classes attended (for credit or RP purposes):
Midwifery (Sudanna (teacher), Jassay, Ellora, Viera)
Hall Basics (Erik (teacher), Musuko, Kasien, Kerali, Kiriya)
Ethics(Aerrin(teacher), Sudanna, Ellora, Graiham, Magen, Jassay, Tiler)
Bonehealing(the 2nd time)
First Aid (Theorn (teacher), Kiriya, Kendrala, Kerali, Musuko, Setrina)
Emergency Surgery (Mosiah (teacher), Kerali, Kendrala, Sudanna)
First Aid (Sudanna (teacher), Miralwyn, Amabel, Shandria, Jathen)
First Aid for Guards (Alain (teacher), Zenethen, Ryana, Trielle, Zavier, Serulia, Daine, Sayannah, Mayele, Sein, Kaeii)

Brenon, Jalir, Jassay & Leywen, Serafa, Figol & Shandria

My healer interview, Daemoria, Trau

Viera, Trau & Seya

Other Healerish RP'ing:
Stitching up a knifethrower on the beach
Apprentice sleepover
My Journeyman's promotion & oaths
Sleepover in new Journeyman's room
Meteor strike
Healers in the Great Hall
Earthquake rescue efforts
Remaking supplies
Checkup for Geraint
Healers on the beach
Healer Lounging
Swimming in the cove (Kiriya, Saadni)
Ageron unveiled as a fraud
Begging Jassay to return to the Healer Hall (Jassay, Kiriya)
Rankers talking in Lounge (Sudanna, Morallen)
Bonehealers checking Ryana (Alain, Ryana, Sudanna)

Other RP'ing, not necesarily Healerish:
My turnday at the Flying Mug
Busy day in Ista Great Hall

Miscellaneous Stuff:
Anatomy Class Outline - a proposed new class for junior apprentices on HT.
Discussion on the Healer Ranker channel about how to revive the Healer craft. Feb 17th, 2004
My Journeyman Project
Jassay's project
My page for Rina from Dragon's Dusk

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