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List of welcome developments
which grow out of the yuck phase ;-)
perimenopause - early consideratiions
mainly for men
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Want to know about Thermoregulatory Dysfunction?  Huh?     OK then - Vasomotor Instability? no? 
Then I give in - Hot flashes?    Cold ones too!   What and why (including wild surmise...) 
Do they ever go away? How we experience and dealwith them.  1938 viewpoint (calcium connection?)
Heavy bleeding/menorrhagia  medical information and personal anecdote
Cardiovascular considerations
WHI study      HERS study  ERA study  HRT and stroke    HRT and coronary artery disease
Women and heart attack    The cholesterol myth    Aspirin Menopause and hypertension
The "iron" hypothesis
Pelvic surgery
Hysterectomy: Web resources, women's comments on choosing/refusing and experiencing it. 
Oophorectomy - "so long as we're in there", links and&nbssp; personal experience . Radical hysterectomy
Ovarian blood supply - possible effect of hysterectomy or tubal ligation
DandC with hysteroscopy
Pelvic organ conditions 
uterine cancer        cervical cancer     cervical dysplasia     ovarian cancer  ovarian cysts
Pap Smear What is it? What do the results mean?  DES info  After hysterectomy? colposcopy
Vaginal effects Is "atrophy" inevitable without HRT? Ways to counteract dryness
Incontinence - suggestions for coping, mailing list info<
Osteoporosis recommended comprehensive site
Is Osteoporosis a menopausal disease?
consensus statements (Canada, Australia, USA  AACE)    fosamax
personal posts  raloxifene(Evista)against the tide          more links (including DEXA)
Current (April 00 ) disagreement on bone density screening
Self Examination (BSE )How to do it properly  Risks and benefits of mammography info and quiz 
HRT and breast cancer  statistics Bone density and breast cancer  mammography miscellanea
Menopause and depression  meta-analysis of studies. St John's Wort
Alternative medicine - its relationship with conventional medicine
Nutritionlists ofvitamins and minerals
Use herbs with caution   soy - a mostly sceptical miscellany   phytoestrogens
Acupuncture - personal experience of the process<
Ovarian Hormone Therapy (HRT/ERT)
What is it anyway? Are ERT and HRT the same? How many varieties are there? 
Pharmacology estrogens and progestogens (progestins) 
Should I, shouldn't I?   Opinions on taking the plunge. Doctors talk about it 
Decisions, decisions  Considering long term hormone risks and possible benefits
Going off it.  Can't stand it any longer - or think it's prudent to quit? 
PremproProvera et al (medroxyprogesterone acetate) 
Cenestin conjugated estrogens
The question of "natural"hormones)  definitions and terminology,  claims and justifications for OTC "natural progesterone" creams,  women's views on NHRT/HRT, "estrogen dominance", NP use , international viewpoints of the use of natural progesterone
DES - a cautionary tale. Compare this marketting with these days.. 
Names of most prescribed (US) ovarian hormones  Photomicrographs of ovarian hormones
Names of UK hormones
Self help
Book suggestions  and links to other book lists and to off-site reviews
Don't have local resources? Look here for hints on accessing books from a distance

There's only one newsgroup- but there *are* other places to interact with menopausal women.
Try a mailing list or a website.  including POF, incontinence lists
Medical web sites access the study and read it for yourself. (Includes a medical document search engine)
Menopause related general sites
Assorted meno philosophical sites on the web 
Crone (the good gals...) sites on the web

Real women talk about menopause and beyond

Broad views of the process and what it has meant/means to some who see it as a developmental period, rather than the beginning of the end. 

Looking forward (and looking back)
Rejecting Disease and Constructing Experience: Menopausal Women's Resistance to Medical Hegemony* is an anthropological inquiry into Western society's construction of menopause, a theme which is an excellent fit for this site.

The author, Katherine J Zamecki, writes:

...I think this study is relevant to all women because it pertains to the construction and control of the female body, the increasing growth of medical hegemony, and the significance of listening to and learning from women. It is only by sharing experiences across age and regardless of race or class, that women can assert the significance of their personal narratives and possibly lead the way to a future of change. 
This is a complete thesis which necessarily requires an academic tone but I think it has something for everyone. It is very long but divided into convenient sections which I have listed in the Table of Contents

*hegemony: preponderant influence or authority of one individual or social group over another. 

Soapbox Archives 
philosophical physicalmedical industry's attack on women
Philosophical topics
Increased wakefulness is not insomnia
Feel the Fear - and do it anyway
Feminine Muddle -The value of irrationality
Why the need for a  Magic Pill? other method of coping and no history of finding out  how to operate in vague and uncertain terrrain?
Seeking a "cure" for menopause Why after so many years and so many women going through this can no-one really figure out what's going on?.
Messages We're Sent Sometimes the dreadful negative anticipation makes an experience worse than if it were treated more matter-of-factly.
"Early" (?) Menopause The real tragedy of this is felt by any woman who feels she has many extra years for family planning
Physical topics
Prolactin-stress-hot flashes?
Castration- a shocking term for a shocking procedure?
Butchering Women- is efficiency the only concern?
A Sacred Horse Getting real about types of estrogen
Women are not rodents - so ignore the risks.
Menomyth of osteoporosis
Insurance and screening tests
Medical/drug industry's attack on women
The Emperor's Clothes - "estrogen dominance" 
What your body is telling you is wrongYou're not normal, but if you suffer enough we can help you fake it.
Combatting the medical industry's threats ...a drug dependent simulation of a more immature hormonal state
The real peril of menopause attack on your finances
Chemically confident (or so pharmaceutically stultified she's unaware
FSH test for menopause a worthless, single shot in the dark blood test?
The subtle selling of estrogen How do women "lose" estrogen?
First, do no harm Short term HRT proved riskier
Non-contraceptive Uses for Estrogen Drugs - FDA hearing - Osteoporosis
MPA (Cycrin, Provera et al) as "cure" for endometrial cancer "A bit of HRT history" - comments on FDA transcript
Is Osteoporosis a menopausal disease?  or is it greatly exaggerated?
Perplexed by Placebo FDA hearings on studies using drugs for hot flash relief
A message from Belize one woman's opinion on estrogen
Estrogen is a "known carcinogen" - or is it?  "A possible conflict of interest"
Alice Through the Menopause a satirical response to the early stopping of the E+P arm of the WHI trial
Fictional doctor-patient discussion in the wake of the early stopping of WHI
Myth and ritual
The Men-o-Pause Cave
This is an attempt to create a symbolic story for menopause, started in April 97 and resurrected in October 97. It was initially conceived of and written by Joan  who invited everybody to contribute their ideas. 
April discussion     October discussion
author's comments re her intent: April         October 

Becoming a modern day crone - making and marking progress a lighthearted ritual involving toenail polish.. 
Ritualizing menopause (discussion)        other personal rituals.
Crones and enchantresses  What does the word "crone" mean to you?
Links to sites on the WWW which examine the "crone" concept
Historical viewpoints
1837 - OF THE FINAL CESSATION OF THE MENSES ...."this interesting process of the human uterus"
1869 - The Change of Life >
1895 - The Turn of Life 
1895 - Personal testimonials of relief from Perimmenopausal (?) Suffering 
1897 - Needless operations   &    Scraping of the womb
1903 - The Change of Life
1910 - Old Age Deferred
1927 - Casting out Fear. "We, therefore, find that the female, notwithstanding her greater affectibility by minor stimulus, more youthful, more resistant to adverse influences, and longer lived than the male." 
1929 - Enduring Passion Further New Contributions to the Solution of Sex Difficulties - Chap. X The Change in Women
1930 - Menopause, Climacteric, the Turn or Changee of Life 
1936 - The Change of Life    <Do not anticipate any trouble at all at this time
1936 - Age of Onset of Menopause  &    The Flushings of the Menopause
1936 - Duration of the Change
1936 -Depression and Agitations in Both Sexes&nbssp;   ".....would be well advised to take a long holiday from each other..."
1939 - The menopause in women (Climacteric) <"We frequently note a condition of severe insanity (paranoia) or melancholy. These are the so-called climacteric psychoses, usually incurable...." (but see 1927 above)
1947 - Sex Behaviour and Problems of the Climacteeric
1976 -THE LUCKYY WOMAN, or seeing the doctor about the menopause from 1850 to 1976

Hormone Replacement Therapy - ERT and/or HRT

circa 1960 Estrogen therapy for postmenopausal females
1966 - Menopause - The Loss of Womanhood and the Loss of Good Health
Caveat Corner
The place for those who want to do their own research on menopause but may lack analytical training and/or practice. 
Evaluating a web site's credibility (Includes links and FDA suggestions
What is a disease? Be sure it's not defined by a drug 
Pitfalls of Advertising developing a jaundiced eye
Critique of a Premarin ad  Have you noticed the contradictions?
Deceptive advertising of osteoporosis drugs FDA warning to makers of Evista
How to Evaluate a Study  And not just take it at face value links to BMJ series "How to read a paper" 
Levels of evidence - choosing between conflicting data.
Deceptive health-related advertising on the internet:  FTC info 
Multilevel marketing especially vis-vis  OTC "natural progesterone" creams
Internet Information on Hormone Replacement Therapy (Real Audio file) 07-24-02 which includes input from two of's posters.
Specific to perimenopause - early concerns
Newbies entrance the best approach for a first visit
Is this menopause? women describe their suspicious experiences
List of 33 possible signs  which can be associated with menopause but may also be caused by simple aging - or midlife psychosocial concerns . With comments and links to experiences of and methods of coping with individual signs.
List of welcome developments which grow out of the yuck phase ;-)
MenoChart  keep track of your symptoms
Menopause 101 an overview
Are you "too young" for menopause?
Mainly for men
Menopause and marriage
Should men have their own ng?
Suggestions for men's unique contributions to asm
Male "menopause" - book and symptoms
An unprepared husband receives meno news from another country
1936 -Depression and Agitations in Both Sexes>     ".....would be well advised to take a long holiday from each other..."

Sexual relationship considerations:
1929 - Enduring Passion Further New Contributions to the Solution of Sex Difficulties - Chap. X The Change in Women
Libido at midlife
1947 - Sex Behaviour and Problems of the Climacteeric


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