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From the vaults of Sir-Toby! (Coauthors: JH, ragan, Y, Wolfrun, Lots 42, et al)

The Tail of Frederigo D'Honaire: As the Fur Flys!
Alternate Manimals universe
Alternate Vampire universe
Walants 1
Walants 2
Walants 3
Walants 4
Walants 5
Walants 6
Walants 7
Fred, Astra, and These Strange Wolfriding Elves!
Dancing the Knight Away!
Hannah, Village Lass.....
Anina, Astra, and Temporal Paradox
The New Champions......
"Balancing Act" or "Time Anchor Lost!"
Annafrid (Not of ABBA)
From Xanth for Love: A Family Quest
The Quest for the Dark Tower
Betrayal at Bookpoint!
Denom, Better known as Fred
Three Sisters in Adventure
Fred, the Incomplete Dragon
Lord Fred and Princess Astra, Demifoxes
The Kitsunes
From Reality Shard to Reality
Dr Who: Eternal Champion!
Didn't I See Them on the X-Files?!
What one Gets When Draconians Face Things Head On?
Midworld Quest
Form of a Fairy
Mutiny on the Enterprise
Enterprise and Bablyon 5
Elf Determination
Three is a Magic Number
The Road Not to Elf Destruction
On the Third Hand Business. . .

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