Mutiny on the Enterprise

As told by a demifox mage known as Synizn

The one dark skinned woman strapped currently down to a medical couch (or whatever) was a young man named Frederigo D'Honaire from a world much like my now home, Terra Prime. Like many other Freds, he had been tasked by his king to slay a dragon. Like his analogs Triakoth, Amalis, Ia'adoire, and a non-Champion Fred who's still recovering back on Nantucket Earth he was captured by a powerful mage (whether a wyrm or not remains in this case remains unknown) and was turned female. In this case, the captured knight was either transformed into or had his soul transferred into Uhura's body. In either case, the one originally called Uhura is not around to speak for herself and I rather have dark thoughts on what fate she's met. That done, the one we'll call "Uhura" found herself here on this Enterprise, apparently centuries and light years from home! As an aside, this sounds like what the now defunct Oracle would be capable of doing, but that's only a guess. Whatever the case, Uhura had the skills and memories of the former owner of the form she now wore so was able to masquerade as the "real" Lt. Uhura. She (for Uhura is a woman) decided to keep quiet about her dilemma, not sure what she could say to her shipmates.

Uhura was soon to find herself pregnant, but not knowing who the actual father was....considering that whilst she had memories belonging prior owner of the form she wore having dalliances which can lead to such....she had no memories of such recent encounters which could account for the pregnancy! Furthermore she turned out to not be the only woman on the Enterprise with unexplained pregnancy. All the women on this ship were with child AND appeared to have gotten that way at the same time as Uhura had! Even those women who should be physically incapable of pregnancy were with child! It apparently happened (however it had happened) around the time they'd taken leave on some kind of Terra like planet. To make matters even more interesting was the fact that none of the pregnant women wished to have their unexpected pregnancies aborted!

Mr. Spock, the Enterprise's Science Officer/Executive Officer, had been able to look into the matters and find out an interesting parallel connection between this case and a fictional town back on Earth. Seems that in this story (a science fiction story perhaps more worthy of being categorized as horror) that the woman of that village were impregnated by some alien presence. Like some kinds of birds back on that world, the surrogate parents would meet a detrimental fate as the surrogate avian parents who's "real" children had been replaced. The same thing could have been happening here, since the embryos displayed brainwave activity way too early in the pregnancy AND that activity, to a one, was the same with each embryo! Spock would have said more but he collapsed, apparently under some kind of psychic attack that required all his mental efforts to keep out of his mind! Indeed, the Vulcan in question (Spock) is over on another bio-bed as we speak, still out.

Well, despite efforts to get back to the planet to investigate the cause of the pregnancies AND Mr. Spock's collapse, the entity (or entities) apparently responsible for this struck! It started slowly, but soon all the women (except Uhura) were up in arms and in mutiny. The women, apparently long suffered as being marginalized by the males of the ship, took over the Enterprise. The men, except for Spock, got thrown into the brig.

Whatever was controlling the woman (through the embryos, I guess) weren't able to control Uhura. It appears that due to her special....origin....Uhura was able to resist where the regular women succumbed. When Uhura tried to talk some of the mutineers out of taking over the Enterprise, however, she came under immediate suspicion and (after a mind probe to find what the matter was) placed into a secure biobed. What would have come of that probably I'm not exactly sure. My group's sudden arrival and SOS seems to put things off there, however. Jarlath tells me, however, that there is an alien presence lurking still at the edge of Uhura's mind. Worrisome, but not an immediate concern. Whatever the presence really is, it appears that it cannot (as of yet) communicate with it's brethren. Else Uhura's freedom from control would have become apparent much sooner to the mutineers than it had when she'd revealed herself, trying to talk the mutineers down. That can work for us....

Now, all we have to do is not only take back the ship, but to also somehow free all the Enterprise woman from this alien entity's mind control.

Oh joy....


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