This is much like the tale told in "Three is a Magic Number". However, these elves managed to summon the very mage who'd transformed them and through luck and happenstance managed to actually escape (through him) the very clutches of the Hell crew.

This, of course, raises all sorts of interesting things.

Sww, down in the Office of Evil an Agent is telling a spoiled brat what is what about her Challenge, who's object have made free by their own luck.

An Angel shows up and makes a counter Challenge, stating that if the elves should somehow succeed in defeating a Darkness plot already in the works, then all Hell crew claims on their meat (their now immortal bodies) were dropped and the elves get to choice to join the Army of Light as that august bodies Champions, or as Champions of the Rules and Agents.

The last causes the Agent to look at the Angel in question, after the brat accepts, pouting and angry as Hell (natch given the surroundings).

"Why?" the Agent asks the surprised Angel. "Does it look like the Office of Chaos and the Office of Order is some kind of...of dumping ground for the odd off?"

"But you've complained always of being shorthanded," the Angel protests.

"Uh, yes but still....." the Agent sighs, "I already had another Validation Quest for some Terra Prime Champions....."

And Champions of Rules and Agents had this odd habbit (either by choice or by happenstance) of disrupting Destinies that are anything less than what has been Authorized by the Higher Up(s).....

"Oh." the Angel says in a small voice.

This could GET interesting.

The Agent even goes so far as to say that to the Angel and even clarifies further that this Angel (who the Agent wouldn't be too surprised had been involved with that Rebecca incident (see episode 20423 for details) had set up a possible celestrtrial office "conflict of interest". If something wasn't done, and done quickly, the Demons could capitalize on that and be declared the Winner of the Challenge (and bollix up the Validation Quest royally) by default!

See, the specifics would take too long to explain, but the generalities are this. By the Angel having designated the Challenge to occure on some place called "Aysle" (where another seperate Event called a "Validation Quest" was to occure at about the same time), it made it appear that some kind of conspiracy was in place to unfairly tip the odds of the Challenge very much in favor of the "Good Guys" AND to make matte worse.... To make matters worse the Rules and Agents (the de facto leaders of the Army of Light after a VERY strange ruling by the Higher Up(s), regard episode 8997 for a confusing glimpse of what I'm babbling about) arranged this to happen this way!

Well, that can't be allowed BUT it was too late to designate another Place where the Validation Quest AND the Challenge was going to occur. So, instead what the Agent was going to do was going to live up RATHER much to his designation and cause a lot of....chaos. Meaning that what would have been very forward and clear cut in order to accomplish their goals (for the potential and new Champions and such), it wasn't going to be easy at all! Indeed....

Indeed, not easy at all. Something like where just when the Champion or whatever thinks they've accomplished everything needed to be done in order to win . . . . might find out that their assumptions were entirely wrong OR that they MIGHT be on the right track . . . . but they have MUCH further to go! Something like what one guy named Churchill said (and I'm I paraphrase) once: "This is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning."

So what exactly does that mean?

Stay tuned!

That said, though, another little quirk of this mixing (which the Agent admits might not be possible to avoid even now) was that once these new elves meet the Champions from Terra Prime....well, analogs seem to kinda want to go and be with their new "brothers and sisters" once the doppleganger effect happens. Meaning that the Angels might not be getting a new Champion for themselves in this deal due to this bruhaha!

Oh, and let us not forget one last (not quiet minor) point. Within Fertal (formerly named Fred)is the very same thing within another person that is being hunted by some other species of "Dark Elves" (what we'll call them for lack of a better term). Their query is also named Frederigo D'Honaire and while he perhaps hales from a world that sometimes seems at times to be a fun house mirror of Fertal's own, whatever the hunters were tracking him with also responded to the "proto-Dark Elf's" presences as well, which'll cause quiet a few moans of dismay!

That is, just as SOON as the hunters (and the hunted) get over the shock of having the very heavens dance about into new constellations and such.

Ah, did I fail to mention that this chunk of real estate got swept away, magically, from the realm it had belong to and got deposited onto this world known as "Aylse"? A lingering (time delayed) cosmic hiccup from a magical, damaged ancient Atlantian teleportation system called the Slipgate (now gone but from Terra Prime)?

Ah, sloppy of me. Sorry.

Speaking of overlooked details, let me tell you that once the mage who'd transformed our heroes into their current forms finally recovers somewhat enough to just see who'd grabbed him. Well, let us just say that his heart gave out then and there in fright! Yeah, you see he'd changed them into elves with the plans that when their kind found them and got done with them, nothing would have been left of their old selves worth worrying about. They'd be too busy making mayhem and merriment (and other people's deaths) to worry about the wizard who'd done that to them. Indeed, from what he'd learned of the elves of that region AND meeting some earlier victims, they'd been haughty enough (what with him being a mere human)....but they'd NOT recognized him!!

But when he looked into the shadowy eyes of these elves.....

Yep, he was right in one regard, his time was definitely up. Just it didn't happen at these elves hands (who'd actually had been about to at least thank him a little at least for having given them their rightful forms....if not leaving them in such a dangerous spot).

But all thoughts like that (and surprised reactions to the sudden gurgling death) vanished into a mist when a Messanger from on High (i.e. that Angel from earlier) came into being and delivered the message that would lead to their salvation!

Dazed, the elves stare at the sight where their celestriel visitor had vanished upon completion of his task, and then blink again at two things.

First, their visitor had apparently taken pity upon them and left them garbed in suitable adventurer garb (green of course) and armed. They'd even got, within their new packs, besides a few changes of clothes, duplicate clothing of what they'd worn (and eventually ruined) upon becoming elves!

That and the Angel had apparently, while the Elves were entranced by his presence, somehow managed to create a grave (with headstone even) for the now departed mage.

It's all good, as they say in some realms. That and it saved the elves the bother of having to burry the blighter themselves, anyway.

    Without another word, they set off immediately to do.....what they' must do! Doing it, unaware of the dangers ahead and....well....the possible allies they seem fated to meet....
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