Fred, Astra, and a bunch of wolfriding elves.....

Fred goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra are sent to the a desert to die. What becomes apparent, however, at sunset and moonrise that this can't be the world they were born upon. Never where there two moons in the sky!

However, the warriors are well trained and know that they must concentrate at the task at hand (survival) instead of just being stunned by this revelation.

After a series of strange dreams by both Astra and Fred (which will turn out to be prophetic), the two soon awaken and see a cloud of dust approaching. Hopefully, it is a caravan that the two heroes can get needed aid from.

Oh, but while this a caravan of sorts, it is no ordinary caravan.

It is what some would recognize as the Wolfriders from Warp Graphic's Elfquest (copyrighted). These elves, however, have had a strange encounter with a set of Scott Chens who'd aided one of their own (Redlance) and helped them escape from the fire.....even helped the elves get better prepared for the journey through this burning desert! As a parting gift, one of the Scotts had given a bunch of Elfquest graphic novels for Cutter, the leader of the Wolfriders. The novels were none other than the story of Elfquest! Basically, they had their possible future in their hands! Scott had told Cutter that though the elf may not be able to read (being the elves were illiterate), the pictures would provide clues that could be used to avoid tragedies and such in the future.

The elves were majorly confused by the recent turn of events. While they were finally coming to grips with the idea of there perhaps being humans that weren't out to kill them....weren't bitter enemies.....some were still suspicious when they stumble across Fred and Astra.

It could have turned ugly, folks, especially since neither elf nor human had a common tongue between them.

But, the fun and games of a demon changed events uptime. A whispered encouragement brought about a time paradox that ripped all ashudder in that universe.....


The Never Ending Quest - episode 8057

 Two world meet on the World of Two Moon.....

Two races meet....and this is gonna HURT!

The meeting has nothing to do what happens next, in as far as CAUSING it. It has nothing to do with the strange people the elves, the Wolfriders, met before meeting the sunburned humans, Astra and Fred, in as far as causing it.

It has something to do....with the fallout from the Brazen Man (lines crossed....long story for later).

A crash.

A beautiful, highly radiant "Holt of Holts" merges with it's inbound counterpart....that holds the ancestors of the Wolfriders....of all the elves descended from the High Ones. Rayek had been trying to save the High Ones from the disaster that had marooned them on this world. However, unlike in the series, he was not swayed by the on looking Wolfriders....nor his friends Ekuar's calm....but heart wrenching words. He disregarded all, knowing that by doing this he would be erasing all those who were NOT within the safe confines of the Palace (dwelling of the High Ones).

Two objects can NOT occupy the same space at the same time. Throw in the fact that the objects in question have a link in temporal matters. One word.


Time twists....bends....and snaps into smaller and smaller pieces as the paradox and explosion races up and down the time stream of this universe.

It makes no human sense.... but then again this is in a Realm of math and science that won't be achieved by any mortal race.....ever.

Before Rule 4564567 can even attempt to halt the cataclysm.....he and his Chaos counterpart are engulfed....and all scream as they drop into the primal soup that the universe came from.

This is the first.....and LAST time such as this will happen. Because of Rayek's damn actions, only a handful of survivors from this disaster are alive.

Fred and Astra are among them, for their "origin" does not trace itself to the Wolfrider's universe. The proximity of the elves to the humans serves as a strange.....inexplicable means of shielding the Wolfriders from the waves and waves of paradoxes.

They arrive, unconscious and tattered on various disgruntled Rules desks. It's agreed that these elves are VERY lucky. But, the can't be allowed to continue as they are. They have no real origins. It was erased by the destruction wrought by Rayek. Rayek himself....and several time/space throw offs (shades of Dr. Who) died by the backlash from ONE of them being at "ground zero" when the explosion/paradox occurred. The nearest Rayek had been zapped....and the effect had migrated to his twins.

Ah, but you are wondering about who exactly survived? Well, the Wolfriders did, naturally....but due to their association with other elfin tribes....via future encounters.....the Gliders, Sunfolk, and the Gobacks are also dragged into the fun......except for Winnowill. She was also just a touch to near ground zero, and also keeled over (her and her duplicates).

In all, the timeline for these elves has fractured and splintered into eight (natch....considering they have EIGHT fingers and even count in base eight....really). They break up into duplicates of varying ages.....analogous to the times and situations that one would find in the graphic novels the other author (Elfquest) is so gung ho about : - ).

So, some elves have up to EIGHT duplicates running around (those who lives up to the eighth novel)!

This shan't have an effect on the time orphaned elves until guessed it!....their eighth birthday! See, the Rules have put each and every elf into the re-incarnation pool, and they have all been reborn as Terra Prime elves (males to male bodies....and females to females)! On their eighth birthday, they blow out their candles on their cake and are getting presents....and the memories of their prior lives....back. Should prove interesting and amusing all around, eh? Especially considering the fact that they'll be born on all the same day, eh?

As for Astra and Fred, they wake up outside the gates of Fred's castle.....none the worse for wear (and fully healed and equipped). They have NO idea how they got their.

As the fallout of this disaster.....steps are taken. The skeins of reality are tightened and strengthened a thousand fold. Net effect is that while dimensional/time hopping groups will still be hopping about.....disastrous encounters wlll no longer be taking place. This is because for now on, as far as the Terra Prime sector of the multiverse is concerned, the buck stops here. No more hostile encounters with different dimensional hopping cultures/races. The Enemy/Alliance war has put enough of a strain on things, as it stands. The Rules want no more of this stuff, so no more slobber knocking wars from stuff like that. The strain put on the skeins had been terrible....and if yet another war broke out.....the Rules had NO idea what the outcome would be. As for time travel, if a traveler so much as TRIED to do the same type of stunt as Rayek tried.....they'd find themselves reincarnated and in diapers.......

1."No more. This far and NO MORE!" As Picard would say.

It's not fair.....

The Never Ending Quest - episode 8059

 As for Astra and Fred, they wake up outside the gates of Fred's castle.....none the worse for wear (and fully healed and equipped). They have NO idea how they got there.

Fred has questions about much....especially those odd elves.....however.....

Fred cries out in joy at seeing his ancestral home and gives Astra a quick kiss out of sheer joy....and then looks abash at being so forward. Astra stares at him for a second and then smiles.

"Do that again," the warrior princess says softly as she embraces Fred.

Astra is now intrigued even MORE intrigued by this noble night, for due to this slight gaff in ettiquete, Astra has seen there is INDEED a man inside this handsome figure before her.

Mayhap even somebody worthy of her?

Guards start to cry out greetings and the porticlis is raised as the two young warrior embrace, only to disappear in a puff of smoke and a fading laugh......that sound's just like Fred's voice.....but somehow VERY evil......

The kissing couple comes up for air (after having been frozen in stasis for months) and glance around in befuddlement as the find themselves in the middle of a forest. A male gasp draws their attention to behind them and they see a.....disturbingly familiar looking man distractedly feeling his body (his back especially). Something is strange about the coloration on the back of his neck.....the skin there is pale compared to that of the rest of the rather tanned face and neck....and there is s marked line between tan and pale. Most startling is the fact that Fred recognizes the man's the one he sees in the mirror upon waking in the morning......

"This is just like the tale of Nine Man Moris," the other Fred gasp finally as he notices the couple in front of him. " duplicate hasn't tried anything with you....has he? After that.....event in the swamp......"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Astra a loss.

Fred, knowing the legend of dopplegangers.....evil and benign like those found in his homeland's favorite children's tale, makes a decision. He explains the myth and legends of dopplegangers, and gauges the reaction from both Astra and this twin of his.

Astra looks skeptical while the other Fred looks......relieved that Fred isn't attacking with his sword (the other is unarmed).

Astra is about to ask what the meaning of what this doppleganger was speaking of to her in the beginning when she hears a crying child.

They, all noble at heart, go rushing off to see what the matter is.....for it could very well be a child in danger.......

That's where they find the other teleport victims of RF and the Brazen Man (and then get captured by Orcs on Terra Prime)!

That's where they find the other teleport victims of RF and the Brazen Man


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