Who Are They?

There is this knight named Frederigo D'Honaire tasked by his king to slay a dragon of the Southern Caverns.

The knight goes off, and finds the cavern, only to find a wizard inside who turns him into a young lass of 15!

The wizard, Belboz, did this in order to prevent a dire threat to Allaria from destroying her.  There was a hoard of evil Amazons out to sweep the land, and according to a prophecy Fred had never heard of, the only person who could do this was him.....as he (or she as it actually is) is now.

Belboz, also obey HIS part of the prophecy, turned himself into a similar young and beautiful lass of no more than 15 and then was going to teleport them both to the area near the Amazon camps to begin on saving the nation, only to find that he'd been betrayed by his underappreciated and overworked apprentice, Elaine.

Elaine had been given a powerful evil magical spellbook and used it to supercede the spells used by his former Teacher and turn Belboz into a young woman....without a drop of magic within her!

Why is he doing that?

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