Parallel Summaries (part 9)

The Never Ending Quest - episode 11265

What I call the Thaobath Universe..... 

Fred D'Honaire 

Lord Fred was sent by his king to slay the Dragon of the Southern Caves. Once there, he met Astra and slew Velus. Now Velus was either a Hell Hound or a dragon in the form of a Hell Hound. It's not exactly clear. Anyway, the dragon Minestus then translocated both Fred and Astra to the Calamari desert to die. He was quite angry that they had killed Velus, you see. Luckily the pair was rescued by Dr.Vincent Priceless, but then Fred was accidentally dismembered. Dr.Vincent attempted to magically restore him, but during the procedure Astra unintentionally broke his concentration. Fred died and was sent to Hell. Why Hell? Maybe it was the Hell Hound's revenge (actually....this Fred led a rather....bad life.....appearance to the contrary....alas). To make a long story short, Fred didn't like Hell very much and when a demoness offered him a chance to get out he took it. His mission was to betray any and all who would have aided him in his original quest to slay the dragon. The first two people on the list...Astra and Andrea. Fred was then sent back to the mortal sphere as a Thoabath, or Oathbreaker. He soon came upon Andrea and found his way back to Astra. The threesome then journeyed to the home of Belboz the Fell. 

Princess Astra of Aquilaria 

On a quest of her own, Astra went to the Southern Caves and was captured by the evil Velus. But she was rescued by Fred and Velus was killed. The dragon Minestus then translocated them to the Calamari desert where Dr.Priceless saved their lives. Fred was accidentally dismembered and during the magical operation to restore him, Astra unintentionally distracted Priceless and found herself teleported back to Minestus' lair. She passed through a magical archway and was then trapped in a room and turned into a werewolf. Minestus returned her to her human form, but then assured her that his revenge was now complete. She then found herself outside of the Croix Keep, magically teleported there by the Dragon. She then met Andrea. Together they discovered that the Keep had been betrayed by Lucien, Lord Croix's advisor, and that it was now in the hands of the Dragon's forces. Lucien taunted Astra, for he knew that Astra was still cursed. Astra killed Lucien and then she and Andrea escaped to the nearby forest where Astra was reunited with Fred. They then journeyed to the home of Belboz the Fell. Astra didn't know what Minestus' curse was, but she wanted to be free of it and Belboz was a magician of great renown. 

Lady Andrea of Croix 

Andrea is a young, overly-protected and very bored noblewoman. Her father is the Lord of Croix Keep, located in the Lordship of North Umbria somewhere in the Kingdom. One day she decided that enough was enough and she left the Keep in search of excitement, a few thrills and maybe a little romance. She left in the middle of the night and the first person she met was Astra. Astra ordered her to return home and so the two went back to the Keep. But they discovered that the Keep had been betrayed and was now in the hands of the Dragon's forces. They escaped to the nearby forest where Astra decided that she would seek out Belboz the Necromancer. Andrea refused to go with her because Belboz was a black magician and too dangerous. She left Astra but soon became lost in the forest until Fred appeared and took her with him as he hunted down Astra. When the three were reunited, they all headed off to the home of Belboz. Belboz the Fell Belboz is a necromancer. He delves into the darkest secrets of the dead. He can bend the forces of nature to his will. He communes with the spirits of the Outer Planes. He's the kind of guy you don't mess around with. But when Lord Fred suddenly appeared in his doorway, Belboz got scared. Fred showed him the terrible symbol carved into the flesh of his palm. Belboz recognized it. He knew what Fred had become and all Belboz wanted was for Fred to go as far away as possible. But Fred was there for a reason and so Belboz reluctantly let him and his companions, Astra and Andrea, into his home. Astra then told him that she had been cursed and wanted it lifted. Although she did not know what the curse was, she did tell him what little had been told her by Minestus and Lucien. Andrea related the tale of the Ergot Mushroom which changed people into beasts under the light of the full moon. Since all the pieces seemed to fit, it meant that Astra would soon turn into a blood thirsty beast. Belboz agreed to cure her but he needed time; unfortunately the moon would be full the very next night. Which brings us back to where we started. Astra has run off, afraid of the monster she will become, unwilling to endanger her friends. And Andrea is now alone in a house with a black sorcerer and a demonic knight. 

Whatever will happen next? 

What happens next is that after Fred and Andrea track Astra down, she's in the throws of the beast, and Andrea is almost wolf chow when you guys got teleported to Terra Prime! As for Belboz the Fell, he met Belboz the Necromancer and Ghost, who'd been on a mission to free all others killed by the Phage (a plague unleashed by a reptilian race the Military calls the Enemy) and let them get on with their Afterlife up Above....or Down Below. Well, the Ghost won. Good and just, since THIS Belboz was a pretty good fellow (that causes a few eyebrows to rise again....but nothing more). 

Thaobath is eventually revealed and sent back to Hell (only to return yet again as the Brazen Man)..... 

Andrea becomes an apprentice to one of the dragon mages and soon is happily studying the Magical Artes. She also gets a rather stern lecture from one of the Synizn's about the dangers and downsides of being a lycanthrope, thus curing her of any mistaken romantic notions about becoming one for a sense of freedom that would come with it..... 

Astra eventually becomes known as Astra 8 after getting cured of lycanthropy by the Rule. She soon becomes the head of the military of Aqualaria since she has a great grasp of stragety (since she'd been groomed for it more than any other Astra) and soon is able to finally defeat the Orcs..... 

However, though she has seen that her Fred had betrayed her, she still can't help but wonder about what could have been. For a while she found it difficult to trust any other Fred due to what her Fred had attempted, but she eventually got over it....only to have her heart flipflop on the matter. When the new elfin Champions arrived with the new analogs who'd been rescued from the Orcs, Astra 8 learned about how a single fact had changed the course of things for that Fred turned elf (halting a repeat of what happened with her Fred in creating another Thaobath)....... 

Astra 8 also learns that the "Fred" that had traveled with her had been entirely possessed by the demonic entity known as Thaobath and there had not been a tortured soul called Fred being ridden by the demon (gross breach of metaphysical standards for a demon)...... 

Astra 8 and the others offer their services as Champions to Rule 1 and Agent 1 if they are allowed to travel to Astra 8's Terra and save the still suffering Fred from Thaobath...... 

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