Fred, the Incomplete Dragon

This story encompasses several people.  We shall explore each through their bios here...the best way to explore this story I believe.....

                 Fred - This is a Frederigo D'Honaire like many others Freds. He's a brave knight
                  tasked by the King to kill the Dragon of the Southern Caverns. However, unlike
                  other Freds, he met an Astra who was in the employment of the Dragon. This
                  Astra was in the service to the Dragon because the beast had her sisters as
                  hostage. Fred gained Astra's aid in his quest by helping free her sisters, and then
                  they both went and killed the dragon

                  However, the dragon's blood got into an open wound on Fred and Fred found
                  out about that blood curse that changes the slayer into dragons.

                  Soon he and Astra were on a desperate quest to find a rare dragon, Malachi,
                  who seemed to have been able to overcome her beastly nature and was

                  Soon, however, they got magically whisked with the others to the world of the
                  Red Pyramid.

                  They soon found Malachi (who'd gotten teleported along with the others to a new
                  world) and Fred got the curse removed before it got too far in converting Fred
                  into a Dragon. Fred was soon returned to normal.

                  Soon after meeting Astra 5a, this woman revealed to her and "her" Fred that it
                  was obvious that each had feelings for the other.

                  Was soon approached by a Rule and Agent and soon she and "her" Fred became
                  Champions like the others of their group.

                 Astra - This Astra Thessamer is a red haired warrior maiden, a beauty amongst
                  the beautiful warrior women of Aqualaria. She is brave, skilled, and very much
                  like her analog sisters. However, she was in service to the Dragon of the
                  Southern Caverns (Northern Caverns by Aquallarian maps) when she met "her"
                  Fred. Fred asked Astra how she came to be serving the dragon. She frowned,
                  clearly deeply unhappy. "The wyrm captured my younger sisters, Belinda, aged
                  eighteen, and Carola, aged just fourteen, several months ago. Then he sent a
                  message to our palace that unless I would come and lead his army, he would do
                  terrible things to them. He didn't specify what those things would be; he didn't
                  have to. He's a powerful mage, and if he wished he could turn them into anything
                  that took his fancy. When the king of a neighbouring country wouldn't co-operate
                  with him, the wyrm turned his only daughter into a snake-woman and then sent
                  her back to him. So here I am. The only assurance I have is that I will not be
                  required to lead his forces against my own land. I fear that the next target may be
                  the Kingdom, though."

                  Fred helped her free her sisters, and then went on to help her kill the Dragon.

                  However, during the fight, a bit of Dragon blood got into a small open wound on
                  Fred's hand during the Dragon's death and it soon became apparent that Fred
                  was turning into a dragon himself.

                  They soon went on a desperate quest to find the dragoness Malachi who seemed
                  to somehow overcome her draconic manners and was a benevolent creature. The
                  hope was the dragoness could either cure Fred of his curse, or teach Fred how to
                  overcome the evil nature of dragons so not be a threat to those around him.

                  Astra silently had promised herself that if it soon became apparent that Fred was
                  losing his fight with his emerging draconic nature that she'd kill him, to spare him
                  the pain. It would have been the hardest thing for her to do, however.

                  Malahci - This Malachi is like many of her analogous sisters from other universes
                  in that she is a noble sort. Noble and kind. Most of the original dragons of her
                  world got driven to the edge of extinction in a war with the dwarves, who were
                  after the Dragon's Hoards (a dragon's lifeblood). In a desperate move, the
                  dragon caste upon themselves a blood curse that they now can't remove. Anyone
                  who kills a dragon and get's any of that blood in any open wounds will themselves
                  be transformed into a dragon in a rather short order of time. It was a means to
                  continue their race through the very bodies of their sworn enemy, the dwarves.
                  However, the original dragons soon found it also effect other races as well!
                  Furthermore, their was an unexpected and unwelcome side effect. The resultant
                  dragon, most of the time, was evil! Soon evil dragons outnumbered good

                  Malachi was able to cure the Fred who'd killed the evil Dragon of the Southern
                  Caverns before the curse got to the point of no return.

                  She and the others got magically teleported to the world of the Red Pyramid and
                  soon get offered a chance to become Champions. She, like the others, took up
                  the job, and now are on a Quest to neutralize the threat the Red Pyramid
                  represents to Fred 5a's world.

                  The Book that had accidently swept her and others here had modified Malachi so
                  that she could live without her Hoard and cast magic spells, still.

The last member of this odd group is a woman also named Astra, from Fred 5a's world......

                  Astra 5a - Princess Astra is a royal daughter of the lands of Aqualaria. She is a
                  young, tall, athletic and full-breasted redhead (because red hair is a rarity within
                  Aqualaria she stands out as a beauty among beauties). Being an Amazon princess
                  brings advantage and peril. One benefit is that she was trained early on in the
                  soldier's art. She not only understands the necessities of life at Court, she too is a
                  commander of skilful warriors. Though she knows the ways of death, her greatest
                  desire is the protection of life. She finds the killing of innocents -from the child in
                  the womb to the aged in their huts-repugnant but sees no wrong in eliminating
                  those who spread evil.

                  Astra was captured by Velus, the Dragon of the Southern Caves, and imprisoned
                  by him to serve as an amusement. It was Lord Fred who rescued her. After the
                  death of the Dragon the beast's Master, Minestus, magically transported Astra
                  and Fred to the Calamari Desert. After an encounter with the kind if befuddled
                  scientist/mage Dr Vincent she was transported by the Dragonmage Minestus to a
                  strange place. There she unwittingly stepped through a magical portal which sent
                  her to a room with no doors or windows. She then metamorphosed into a
                  werewolf. The dragon Minestus appeared and remade her into something else,
                  something resembling a were-fox, and he placed her in the woods by his lair. She
                  was reunited with Fred and had sexual relations with him. This had strange and
                  unforseen consequences. Though the magic that affected Astra is not fully
                  understood, she definitely became something more than just a were-fox and Fred
                  took on similar characteristics. The pair was met by the dragon Malachi who
                  helped them enter Minestus' lair in order for Malachi to take revenge upon the
                  evil dragon and to find the instrument of their possible cure, the Crystallic. The
                  two dragons fought to the death, but in her last dying breathes, Malachi instructed
                  Astra and Fred to journey to Walants with the Crystallic in search of the one
                  called Synizn.

                   Walants proved trickier than they had originally thought and the two were
                  imprisoned the first day. They were then released under the care of their defense
                  ttorney Master Rift who forced them to take him and his companion Tarin-Gazin
                  to Minestus' lair. Half-way there the two accidentally used the Crystallic and
                  regained their human form, yet still they remained the prisoners of Master Rift.
                  One day later, however, they were taken captive by the Paine Gang and became
                  the 'property' of said gang. They were returned to Walants -with the intention of
                  auctioning them as slaves- when, unexpectedly, Master Rift returned and rescued
                  them with the aid of the fighting dwarf Tarin. Astra was being blackmailed by the
                  lawyer who knew that knowledge of her pregnancy would be detrimental to
                  Astra's honor and bearing back in Aqualaria. Because of this she obeyed him in
                  his quest to get the Minestus' treasure horde. Along the way, however, the
                  barrister thought it wise to conceal her identity so as not to attract undue
                  attention. He chose to do this by using the crystallic. The magic of the gem
                  transformed the well-tanned red-head into an ebony-skinned woman with jet
                  black hair!

                   Astra went a bit mad (arguably) at being transformed into a black woman. Her
                  madness, though, gave her inspirations of freedom. She continued to aid the
                  lawyer and the dwarf get to the lair of Minestus yet once there the foursome were
                  met up with by an army of dwarves. And then an army of orcs soon followed
                  ready to do battle! As a warrior princess the whole scenario was one of baffling
                  simplicity, and though she knew the odds were against her, she found herself a
                  weapon and went at the orcs with a vengeance. In the ensuing battle she was
                  severely wounded, and because the dwarves did win, she was immediately
                  treated with dwarven medicines. These medicines put her into a catatonic state
                  and so when Lord Fred reappeared and when the dwarves told him she was
                  dead, he believed them and so left her body in the company of the dwarves.

                   But fate stepped in and she was able to escape her captors. First was through
                  what appears to be a vision given to her by Artemis. It basically stated that her
                  goddess forgave her for what happened, but to be redeemed she must seek out
                  the dragoness Malachi, and only then would she be able to live her new life with
                  her love, Fred 5a. That, and she'd been renamed Astra 5a! That, and her new life
                  with Fred and her children lay within what would prove to be Terra Prime!!
                  Second was that she was able to obtain the Crystallic from her captors, and it
                  aids her in several ways before it....died. Her skin and hair color were restored to
                  normal. Her physical condition returned to that before her skin being turned jet
                  black. That did wonders for her and thus she found herself whole, mind and
                  body. Finally, she got teleported to the very world where a dragoness Malachi
                  had found herself magically teleported to. Finally, the Crystallic had accelerated
                  the growth of Astra's three children AND magically delivered them outside to the
                  open world, fully grown to the size as if they'd gone the full nine months inside
                  Astra womb.

                  She fell in love with those children at first sight and knows that her love knows
                  she's alive and well. Has joined with this Malachi's group. This group has been
                  paid a visit by a Rule and an Agent, and given a rare offer. It was a chance for
                  Astra to join up with her love again and get to Terra Prime, so she became a

Soon was again joined with Fred 5a and for a while the world could go hang for all they cared as the family was reunited and getting to be reacquainted.......  After a while though, duty again beckoned and they all were off to stop the Book's mad machinations.....

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