Annafrid (Not of ABBA)

 This apparently begins with a young knight out on a quest to slay the Dragon of the Southern caverns. Fred finds that his map is less than accurate and finds instead of one entrance to the caverns there are instead two. Fred, being right handed (a difference between the other Fred analogs....being that they are left handed) he takes the tunnel to the right. Soon, he comes upon an old man studying by the light of a magical light source. Fred decides to be a friendly sort and greets the man.....

"Excuse me, kind sir," says Fred. "I am Lord Fred."

"Hello Lord Fred." says the old man. "My name is Belboz, the necromancer."

"Necromancer? Do you do magic?"

"Yes, I do. For a reasonable fee, I can do any magic that I know. Other magic will have to wait until I can finish studying this tome."

"Cool!" says Fred. "How reasonable?"

"Depends on how much effort it takes me to cast a spell." comes Belboz's reply.

Fred asks if Belboz can Belboz can kill the dragon from afar via magic.

Instead, the mage seems to turn on Fred and transforms him into a prety little lass of only fifteen.  Belboz then was in the process of casting yet another spell that would erase all memories of her old life and replace them with memories of being nothing more than a pretty little peasant girl.

Fred is able to kill the mage before the spell is completed, but is left with two complete sets of memories.  One being that of Fred the knight, the other being that of Hannah the peasant girl.

Needless to say, Fred-Hannah is very confused.

Soon, however, in a search to somehow magically cure herself of the condition, Fred-Hannah comes across teh secret magical enclave of Belboz, and in the process of searching it frees  a mountain fairy who gifts her with the ability to tame any wild beast.

The fairy woman leaves, and soon Fred-Hannah finds a note left  by Belboz explaining that he'd been under something of a compulsion to do what he been doing and basically thanking Fred-Hannah for freeing him via death.  The note goes on to explain that the transformation he made upon her was necesary in order to defeat the dragon and the powerful master of the dragon (the one who put the necromancer under compulsion in the first place).  Turned out that the transformation gave Fred-Hannah the potential to be the most powerful magic user in the world.

Soon afterwards, after being magically force fed every magical spell in the enclave, the process fused the two split personalities into a new, whole one called Annafrid.

The new magic user sets off to slay the dragon and then face the dragon's master, but fell prey to a trap set up by the dragon's master.  The dragon's master had anticipated Belboz's ploy and had scrambled key spell books before hand and thus had hoped that when Annafrid called upon them.....the resultant magical malfunction would kill her outright.

Well, Annafrid didn't die when she tried to turn invisable to get away from some magic resistant evil dwarves.  Instead, she switched bodies with a scullary maid, Helena, back at the retirement castle Prang, the dragon's master, was residing in.

Finding she was without magic, the young woman was trapped by Prang and banished by him to another universe (Terra Prime) entirely after the evil wizard erased permanently the last 24 hours of her memories.

She arrived naked and dazed on Terra Prime, near the party of Jarlath and friends in the Elven Nation.....

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