Three is a Magic Number

Okay, this story is much like that found in the "Elf Denial" storythread. However, early on it diverged. Diverged right upon around the time Artizza (former human turned elf formerly named Astra) and Fertal (former human turned elf formerly named Fred) had just been forced to stab daggers into their own hearts. Like their counterparts, they got whisked away, torture interrupted. However, this was due to some kind of Coupe in the Office of Evil. The new supposed boss wanted to use more "modern" means of recruiting.

Trying to trick them into signing contract in blood to make them join the Army of Darkness with apparent kindness, this new Boss (a demon who looked human enough, though greasy in a blood red business suit) sent both elves away to recover somewhat before summoning them again to get them to sign. However, the thing here is that the Demons kept on goobering up the elves' sense, keeping them from thinking clearly (or even thinking of how best to try to escape and such).

Things came to an end for this coupe rather abruptly right about the time the elves, having been under some kind of spell of sorts, dancing around a flame, sobering up enough to back off from some kind of demonic grounds keeper in a demonic (though beautiful) forest (re: 25309):

The elves back off, only to find themselves suddenly back in the middle of what they think was that office they'd just left. Cannot say for sure, because the place looks like a hurricane swept through it!

The little girl/monster, meanwhile, is screaming and kicking as a bunch of burly demons drag her off.

A more traditional Demon is cleaning his sword (wicked and twisted design) on the still twitching body of that greasy guy in the red suit.

"Looks like the corporate raider got royally ruined," the Demon says to the grimacing face of the unattached head who belongs to the body at his feet.

"But not before his little friend did something she shouldn't have," the Agent known as Agent 1 sighs, showing him the Challenge.

The Coupe hadn't lasted long, but this Challenge was binding and the scream of rage would have shattered both elves eardrums if Agent 1 hadn't muffled the air around them! Every corner of Hell heard the Head Demon's scream, otherwise....

Amazing what can happen when one turns their attention away for one brief momment for some other Challenge over somebody named (now) Rebecca. Oh well.


The elves gulp, knowing full well the stakes here, now that their elfin senses weren't being magically goobered up by various Infernals and such when they weren't looking..... The agree to the Proposal IF the Challenge goes their way....

Ah, but what is the Challenge and where do these Elves come in?

Well....suggest you look into around the end of the "How NOT to Cause Elf Destruction!"

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