The Doctor recalls how things got this way...

The Never Ending Quest - episode 17029

Betty squinted into the distance. "I think you're about to get your wish," she said. "There's someone coming this way." 

The Doctor

I nod and await calmly as a person approaches, and pause briefly as I remember recent events that have brought my newest Companion to this place. 


While I must say that I find Betty a tremendous help and a wonderful Companion (I've yet to see her panic like some of my other Companions), I have to pause in....consternation at all that has happened to bring this about! See, she's from another universe entirely and....knows things about me..... 

Well now, let me get start from the beginning. Nothing accomplished by going at it in a slapdash manner, right? Yes, from the much as I can make it out, anyway. 

There was this one chap named Scott Chen who was from a reality (or non-reality....I've been told) called Addventure. There he was the subject to all sorts of humiliations and excesses at the hands of powerful beings called Authors. Now, while I have never met this young man in person and can't vouch personally for this particular Scott's character, Author Scott, word is was that it was less than stellar. Some have gone so far (including several "analogs" I have met of the man) would characterize him as.....well, "jerk" is the mildest term they used. Anyway, this young man somehow gained the powers of an Author himself and proceeded to seek out vengeance on those who'd tortured him. Now, vengeance itself I find to be....petty....but the boy had to go and use ME and my TARDIS in this revenge plot and cared little to nothing about the danger or harm he'd cause others in his mad schemes..... 

Met the type before and can't say I care for them.....<P. 

Anyway, that aside, Scott had abducted one realities Betty into Addventure and changed her into an exact duplicate of a tall red head actress named Melissa... 

That lead to rather wild adventures for them even before I made the scene, looking for them due to false information given to me that they, the "Twins of Doom" were needed to defeat the machinations of my worst enemy, the Master. See, the Master was tampering with forces at the VLA in New Mexico in America and I wasn't exactly sure what he had been planning on doing at the time, but I knew it was not a good thing! 

We arrive at the VLA, only to meet....another Betty Ragan and a young amnesiac woman named Stacy! What really surprised me at the time was that this other Betty recognized me for who I was and what the TARDIS was. She too was there with Stacy to prevent some type of disaster that was in the works here. Before we could do much, though, the Master found us and forced us to "give him a lift" as some would say. 

 That's when we ended up on Terra Prime, my TARDIS inside what I'd soon find out was the TARDIS of an analogous version of myself from another reality. 

  1. That was odd enough, but not as odd as when I found out the special nature of that one young woman named Inquirer care of the Master and took him into custody soon afterwards upon our arrival! 



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