Alternate Vampire universe

Fred goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. Instead, he is killed and resurrected as a vampire. His vampire master has captured three women for Fred to feed on; Astra, Andrea and Alicia (call her Alicia 2). Andrea is the one who gets away. Alicia 2 and Astra's unwilling blood donation is interrupted before the point where the transfer of blood between vampire and victim would change victim into vampire. The victims are still alive--albeit a few quarts low and BARELY conscious--as the AI Inquirer begins to try to fight it out. Both Astra and Alicia 2 are rescued from becoming vampires, but when they get zapped to the Manimal Universe Astra dies from the Phage due to something that she doesn't have in her immune system (something genetic). The Vampires are dead and dust, BTW (but you already knew that about this thread).

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