The New Champions

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Lord Frederigo D'Honaire aka Fred

(Borrowed in part from a summary by John Hall).

Lord Fred is the son of one of the great dukes of the Kingdom, and he is also the most heroic warrior. On a personal note, his lucky direction is left. He is a young knight, intimate with the etiquette of royal circles and a gentleman. He is a very thoughtful man who in times of difficulty uses his sense of reason to guide his actions. His first instinct in any circumstance is to tell the truth, yet he is not foolish enough to give away information if it would endanger his life or the lives of others. He knows some basic magic, for within the Kingdom all schoolchildren are taught simple incantations, including a spell to distinguish the real from the unreal. He is prepared to survive in even the harshest of conditions, and he has undergone the training for keen sight that is necessary for all the King's forces. Lord Fred was commissioned by the King to vanquish the most terrible Dragon of the Southern Caves. Was also an unwitting pawn in a demonic entity's game. The entity was a demon called the Fourth Shogoth. The Shogoths in general are nasty creatures who are wanting to go out and kill the entire world in order to "bring balance" into the universe.

The Fourth Shogoth laid in the background in Fred's mind and basically groomed him from birth to have become what he is today. The idea was, apparently, after the Shogoth overcame Fred's humanity, was that after the Dragon was killed and it's blood poured on some type of special flame by him, the demonic creature would then use it's position of trust to betray and kill the King and all humanity, eventually.

But as things go, fate seemed to have a sense of humor. The Shogoth had teleported himself into the Dragon's Lair and was going to go and kill the dragon and get on with it's plans when Astra zipped in and told him that she was their to halt the demonic things evil plans. Fred's still human side saw Astra and found her beautiful and found himself reluctant to kill Astra though the Shogoth wanted it. There was a fierce internal battle, but before the actual winner was decided, Agent 4 popped in to see just why these people (the Dragon, Astra, Fred, and the Shogoth) were in this universe. See, they all seemed to have been teleported to a similar spot in another universe.

Agent 4 then drew out the Shogoth, and informed it that the creature's master was a bit angry with it because the Shogoth had been tardy in checking in with home office. The Shogoth then found out for himself just HOW angered the devil was with him, for the very floor opened up beneath him and the demon was swallowed up. Agent 4 wasn't the agent of the demon's misfortune, but instead just a messanger.

Fred was offered the Role of Champion and was given a basic briefing of what it entailed by seeing a "recorded" show of what the Doctor got offered back on Terra Prime by Rule 1 and Agent 1.

Fred accepted since it was in his character to do noble things. Also, the guy can't return home for several reason. One is that he had been tasked to kill the Dragon and that's not happening now. Second, relating to the first is that by not kill the Dragon the othe demons can't summon the final "prophecy" and go out and wreck Fred's home and world.

Agent 4 sent him and Astra through a realm were truths become clear and undeniable. Fred looked into Astra's soul and their hearts were linked together in love and trust that noboby can ever break.

This Fred in a nutshell.

Oh, FYI, Fred had encountered a small dog that was actually a teenage boy transformed supposedly by the dragon into his current shape. Fred never got to help Vellus, the dog because he first got teleported away (first to a different universe entirely where the Dragon of the Southern Caverns was actually a quiet noble creature And was an ally of the Kingdom of Aquilaria).

Is an analog of the Freds back in Terra Prime and also the analog brother of the elf known as Gilmuriel (another Fred analog that had been transformed into an elf).


Warrior princess of Aquilaria (or Aqualaria if you prefer).

John described her as being:

Princess Astra is a royal daughter of the lands of Aqualaria. She is a young, tall, athletic and full-breasted redhead (because red hair is a rarity within Aqualaria she stands out as a beauty among beauties). Being an Amazon princess brings advantage and peril. One benefit is that she was trained early on in the soldier's art. She not only understands the necessities of life at Court, she too is a commander of skilful warriors. Though she knows the ways of death, her greatest desire is the protection of life. She finds the killing of innocents -from the child in the womb to the aged in their huts- repugnant but sees no wrong in eliminating those who spread evil.

Thus she had little qualms at the beginning of her quest to seek out the Shogoth prophecy foretold, despite the rather harsh terms of her punishment if she should fail with her quest. She was to slay the Shogoth else be disowned by her family, stripped of her privileges, and exiled from her homelands.

But she found out that upon laying her eye's upon Fred, she couldn't bring herself to attack immediately without warning. So.....

"Yes," said the inhuman thing that had once been Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, "I shall destroy the Dragon and awaken the Fifth Shoggoth. I shall fulfill my birthright."

The One Shoggoth laughed. "Excellent," he said. "Our time shall come soon. You shall serve me well, oh Fourth Shoggoth." And with that, he disappeared.

The Fourth Shoggoth basked in his new power. No longer would he be a mere human, a pawn of the forces of destiny. Now, he would direct those forces. He used his Shoggoth powers to materialize near the Dragon.

The Dragon saw the inhuman being materialize. He seemed afraid. The Fourth Shoggoth prepared to kill the Dragon...

"Hold it," came a voice from the cavern. A female voice. The Fourth Shoggoth looked behind him and saw a woman. She was tall and beautiful, with flowing red hair. "You're obviously the Fourth Shoggoth, because not everyone can materialize out of nowhere in front of a Dragon. I am Princess Astra of Aquilaria, and I am on a quest to kill you."

The Fourth Shoggoth examined the woman in front of him. He could easily destroy her in a moment, and yet...she was so beautiful. Not that the Fourth Shoggoth was being affected by sexual desire, as that was impossible. Yet he was strongly affected by her beauty, and by the beauty of her sprit. ~~I am the Fourth Shoggoth,~~ he reminded himself. ~~I must destroy her.~~

~~No,~~ said a still small voice in his mind. ~~I am Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, and I cannot kill her.~~ A great struggle was going on in the Shoggoth's mind. What happens now?

Fred/The Fourth Shoggoth wonders why the episode's title is a quote from "Genesis of the Daleks."

With that odd thought, Fred then wonders just where the #$%#$% that thought came from....and what it meant. What's a Dalek? More importantly, what is this about episode titles?! This isn't a blasted bard's tale!

The Fourth Shoggoth is equally confused, but not for the same reasons. It's the....taste of the thoughts he/it just had that seem...... The demon suddenly remembers the recent incident with the re-arrangement in the Bureaus.....(re: 8997). Where the entirety of reality was put on hold and.....

Fred then do ALL the people within the room, an inhuman scream of pure terror as a strangely dressed man with long, black hair that is slicked back with some type of oil, dressed in some type of leathery jacket and of nicknacks (actually, the person is dressed as a twentieth century biker would....but that's besides the point).

"Oops, thoughts leaking out again," Agent 4 smiles and wave his hand.

Though what happens next will eventually involve one Daleck in particular... the Agent says mentally to himself.

Suddenly Fred feels a "presence" within him suddenly vacate....and makes an appearance within ten feet in front of him!

It doesn't seem possible but the Fourth Shoggoth is even MORE hidious than the last!

All, including the dragon, take a step or three back in pure shock.

"Sub-demon Shoggoth....your boss missed you at the last Bureau meeting," Agent 4 tisks, "I think....."

The very ground opens up and swallows the aghast looking monster, leaving behind a smell of sulphur and less pleasant things....and an echoing scream of anguish.

Rule 4 then turns to Astra, who still has her sword drawn....but now has an....odd look on her face. A look that tells of thoughts divided.....or conflicting feelings.

Fred , meanwhile, can do nothing but shiver in reaction at it all (having a demon touch you like that....brr!)

The dragon, Minestus, is looking back and for the between the humans, not knowing just what the #$%^$ to make of this.

Falling back to basics, the dragon sighs and decides to follow the teachings of his mentor, Sato!

"Here, sit down," the dragon says in a kind voice as a chair is magically moved over next to Fred....who looks up at the dragon in surprise.

"Oh yes, the dragon and his Dragon Circle are a bit different from what you are used to, my would be Dragon Slayer," Agent 4 chuckles.

"Just as the situation that has suddenly developed here with Fred and Astra," the Agent continues, "Just as the still human side of Fred couldn't allow the demonic Shoggoth to destroy her....when she left herself open like can she not bring herself to kill you......"

Agent 4, of the Chaos Department, whistled a tune called "Foolish Love" on a world where one Gunslinger resided.

"What....brings you to my lair," Minestus says softly, worried. Rules were a legend amongst high level mages like he....but all the legends agreed that they were to be treated with nothing but respect (for they were dangerous). Agents, their counterparts, were an unknown quantity. Minestus' senses were screaming to be wary.

"I have a deal for you all that will solve a few problems," Agent 4 sighs. "See, none of you....NONE....belongs here....."

The dragon and humans look like they are going to protest when they suddenly pause and actually....... sense the alieness around them. Fred especially feels something amiss. Whether it be generated by this "Agent" fellow remains to be seen, but Fred has a horrid feeling that it's not the Agent, it's not this room, it's him! Something tells him that he doesn't belong here! The others also get this if the very realm wishes them gone!

"All of you were bounced to this universe by mistake.....but lucky you!" Agent 4 contineus, "I get to make an offer here that you might like."

Minestus, sensing what is coming (for he's heard....vague legends of what this "offer" is), speaks.

"I don't work alone," the dragon mage says softly, "I work in concert with my Dragon Circle or not at all!"

Agent 4 blinks, a little taken aback by the quiet "demand" hidden in that statement, then Fred and Astra suddenly feel like running for the hills when eleven other dragons suddenly pop into existence within the room!

Then, before anything can be said or done, images form in all their minds:

Basically, it's the images of what Dr. Who saw and heard when Agent 1 and Rule 1 recruited him back on Terra Prime.

Agent 4 ends the show, and the others blink and are suddenly floored by what is actually being offered here. They each are being offered to become a Champion. The entirety of the multiverse has been endangered by what this RF guys done. That, and eventually, they'll run across one of two version of this guy, the Doctor. One is from a univerese where some kind of magical curse has made is necessary for something called a Matrix or something to be used to "weave" new Time Lords to perpetuate the race..... in that universe he's called "The Other". In another universe, the Doctor never had become "The Other" due to the fact that there biological need for that "loom thing" (since in that universe Susan was actually the Doctor's biological grand daughter).

The dragons accept immediately, knowing their duty.

Before Fred can raise a protest at the "danger" there is in trusint dragons, the wyrms vanish in a flash of light.....heading for a Terra where giants are terrorizing the countryside after a revision of the timeline (re: 3722, 4674, 4753, 9452, 9546). Those episodes happen after Minestus and his Dragon Circle o in and slaughter that worlds version of the Dragon of the Southern Caverns for being the evil SOB he is!

Finally able to get a word an inchwise in, Astra finally blurts out a protest. Her heart was in a storm with conflicting emotions....emotions that caused her to hold her hand instead of being smart and striking down the Shogoth when she first saw it! She never expected.....the thing to be so....handsome.

"Wait, how can I trust this man?" she says, pointing at Fred....who looks hurt, "I need to know that I an trust him implicitly and all before...."

"Actually," Rule 4 interrupts, "Due to the nature of your transporting to wher your going'll be able to trust each other without doubt....."

"If that's true....that I can overcome any doubts this beautiful woman has of me....then that in itself is worth me becoming your champion!" Fred says loudly, "Please, I accept......"

"If that is the case......then I accept also," Astra blurts out, heart making her react without thinking....wording a growing secret desire that she's not ready to acknowledge yet.

They both suddenly gasp as.....

They feel something......

1.Agent 4 suppresses a chuckle....

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