Doctor Who: the Eternal Champion

It started out with a plot for revenge by a young man named Scott Chen which soon roped in the Doctor and a woman named Betty Raganů.

Then it got weird!

Book 1

Part 1 I told the Brig awhile ago (more or less) every day for me since becoming a Golem has been Halloween!!

Part 2 We send out the signal to stabilize and repair the damage done to the universe (and also changed that universe into a "steady state" the way), and then went onto our second target.

Part 3 First, we get to meet Betty's biological sister......

Part 4 After Blake awoke, the elves were able to convince him of our good intentions.

Part 5 It seems that there is an upcoming problem in a universe which mimics the Robot series by Asimov.

Book 2

Part 1 "Now that you've set a day what about the time where exactly will it take place?" E'eysha asked the Doctor, smiling a fey smile.

Part 2 This could be very interesting.....

Part 3 And now, that adventure...

Part 4 They found that out down in the crypt, as well as several other things as well! They were a wormhole AND Farscape One!

Part 5 "This is so very typical," I mutter to myself as my husband pulls out his sonic screwdriver to open the door to D'Argo's prison. "Always fun and games out here on the Quest."

Part 6 Even after we find a bunch of crossovers not only up on the surface, but run smack into some kind of dimensional hiccup that placed us (group split up amongst them) on other realities!

Part 7 After that, we were not only soon able to fix that voice problem, but some other pressing concerns as well!

Part 8 But anyway, our next Quest (should we decide to accept, as John might be in the wont of saying) is.... standing right in front of us.

Part 9 Whoever this naked lunatic is, after he has stripped himself completely naked....

Part 10 Oh frell, what now?

Part 11 Roland Deschain, adopted son of Inquirer's father, steps forward and speaks. Taking it upon himself to explain this part.

Part 12 Somehow, John's frellup to my body (though it had only been cosmetic . . . and very minor when compared to some of the others of Moya) has been undone!

Part 13 First, they've got to get OUT of here, undetected. Easier than thought, when they see that the owners are STILL out cold, on the floor. . . . . stuff obviously looted if one looks....

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