Alternate Walants Universe 2

Fred 2 goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra 2 and turns her into a demifox. Fred goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred 2& Astra 2 go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. Fred 2, Astra 2 and WereBear Synizn (soon to be Dragon Synizn) get zapped to Atlantis (Manimal Universe

 Alternate Walants Universe 2 (Duke Drederick's Quest)

 After Malachi and Minestus have killed each other and Fred & Astra travel to Walants, Fred's King discovers the destruction of the Southern Caves and comes to believe that Fred is dead. Fred's father, Duke Drederick, thinks otherwise. He goes to the Southern Caves in search of clues to his son's whereabouts and is zapped to Atlantis (Manimal Universe).

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