Hannah, Village Lass.....

 This begins with a young knight out on a quest to slay the Dragon of the Southern caverns. Fred finds that his map is less than accurate and finds instead of one entrance to the caverns there are instead two. Fred, being right handed (a difference between the other Fred analogs....being that they are left handed) he takes the tunnel to the right. Soon, he comes upon an old man studying by the light of a magical light source. Fred decides to be a friendly sort and greets the man.....

"Excuse me, kind sir," says Fred. "I am Lord Fred."

"Hello Lord Fred." says the old man. "My name is Belboz, the necromancer."

"Necromancer? Do you do magic?"

"Yes, I do. For a reasonable fee, I can do any magic that I know. Other magic will have to wait until I can finish studying this tome."

"Cool!" says Fred. "How reasonable?"

"Depends on how much effort it takes me to cast a spell." comes Belboz's reply.

Fred thinks for a minute and asks the magician if he can create a spell to kill the dragon from here.

Not an unreasonable, nor stupid request. Fred has every right to ask and expect help, for surely Belboz realizes the significance of his presence within the caves. It had all to do with the outcome of the treaty that ended the bloody and disastrous Human/Dragon War. Part of the treaty legitimized the role of Dragonslayer in the dragon's eyes. Dragonslayers were only called forth to kill a dragon that had gone rogue (killing and terrorizing the humans.....threatening the peace) after the Dragon Council had tried all other means of recourse.

Belboz, however, is under the sway of an evil magical book called the Necromonicon and thus is slowly being driven insane by the book while also being controlled by the book. The book had been using the mage to unwittingly set the Dragon of the Southern Caverns up for crimes not commited. The book transformed the mage at night as he slept into a male dragon of similar coloration and such and caused the enthralled mage to fly out and commit terrible crimes. The mage awakens without any knowledge and a bunch of humans are out for the Dragon's blood. The mage also has a growing sense of paranoia that makes him see Fred as a threat to his plans (which aren't ever revealed in this thread) so he transforms Fred into a young peasant lass to protect his friend the Dragon (who'd saved his life and formed an odd friendship….which the mage still had despite things…..for the moment anyway) and prevent the knight from foiling his plans. The mage, using his powers garnered from the Necronomicon stripped Fred's old spirit from his body and inserted a new spirit…..that of the sweet and innocent soul of a young woman who was named Hannah.

Belboz then placed the young girl (after enchanting the lass to want to marry him and some such) in the vicinity of a captured male unicorn to see if his spells had worked. If the unicorn shied away from Hannah, then the knight's spirit was still hanging on somewhere inside Hannah and would eventually come back and make trouble. But the unicorn was enthralled apparently, but before the unicorn could place it's head in Hannah's lap a demoness transports them away to Terra Prime.

The demonic entity never gets to finish the sick game she was going to play with the unicorn Urnath and the village lass called Hannah due to being killed later on…..

Hannah gets transformed by the lovesick Urnath and she becomes a unicorn as well…..

She and the other new analogs then get captured by Orcs on Terra Prime..

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