Elf Determination

Okay, this story is much like that found in the "Elves" storythread. However, early on it diverged. Diverged right upon Fred and Astra getting turned into elves. See, the transformation was more....aggressive than what Gilmuriel and E'eysha faced. Changes went faster and stronger. Point in fact some of the changes forced new names upon Fred (now Fertal) and Astra (now Artizza). Knowing that the spell had effected their minds, they hurried off on a slim hope that they'd find Dr. Vincent nearby (maybe telelported accidently along somewhere). However, that plan got scuttled when they ran into a friendly seeming "guide". A fellow elf hanging around that one tree with the rope ladder on it.

The "guide's" intentions, however, were not as innocent as he'd led the newly transformed elves (intoxicated by their new nature) to believe.

This excerpt from one Eric Jones' recollection on the event explains it all (as well as what happened next):

Now, some resources I tapped whilst researching on the best ways of raising my elfin son in a right and proper elfin life was....interesting. Not the Military resources, the Terra Prime stuff. Rather than drown you with the details, I'll just sum it up with some side stuff I came across. The stuff that deals with Fey types of Elves in general. Dark elves in particular. This article on the Net tells a bit about what I mean:

http://www. pantheon.org /articles/e/elf. html

Now, the stuff about Dark Elves in THIS case being ugly? Utterly false! These elves before me are NOT that. However, the give away here is the eyes. See, ordinary elves have exotic eye coloration as well as the more normal "human" kind. The Fey elves (like those elfin Champions of our clan known as Ia'adoire & Lueoth) are the only ones to have amber (golden) eyes. Amber irises and only amber. Kind of a signature to tell the apart from the run of the mill elf. Kind of goes with the "Light" business, you see. Now, again with the eyes we have the Dark Elves. Oy, not saying they have very DARK irises. No, not that. They have no irises visible! That is, I mean their entire eyes are like pools of liquid shadow! Much akin to what you 'd see on a shark!

As an aside, Dark Elves have something of personalities like sharks. All business and deadly, their present culture a dark parody of normal elfin culture. They laugh and dance, but they'll do it to celebrate another persons pain and such. Believe you get the picture.....

Now, with this Celestrial business, the Military has as a precaution preprogrammed alert protocol within each and every spaceship to automatically scan and alert the pilots within if they should pick up such a passenger by mistake.


Frankly, I don't know WHY they have added such features to their fleet, but they have. As I've heard in scuttlebutt there had been some kind of "incident" on some parallel Terra the Millitary/Alliance Intel folks had trouble with them. Rumor had it that a team of Intel folks had been following leads on some kind of secret project those assholes in the Company had running....somewhere out there. Had been a false lead in the end, but whatever the encounter on that parallel Terra....it had been ugly and then some! Wild rumors or not, my sources say the Military folks nearly had their asses handed to them on a plate!

Can't confirm or deny it, though. Don't know enough (nor want to know) to do that!

Well, guess what gave off a scream whilst I was piloting the spaceship (the large brand kind)? That signal, but the thing that only saved these two elves, who have the blackest eyes I've ever seen from what I believe came from their final transformation phase (re: 24811).

Usually happens that way, certain facial features hanging on to the last. Kind of symbolic, somehow. Not a mage so can't say. Tried to understand what Jarlath told me, once, about that but.....I'll stick to my Engineering any old day!

Well, only thing that had stopped me from beaming them off the ship (and into space, wide spread) was that the readings weren't....quiet right. Like they were....almost but not quiet there.....

In other words, these are what I'd call proto-Dark Elves. From what I gather from what Fred 8 has told me after I took him aside (a bit after the ship got put into auto pilot, folks) it means that IF Eddie and friends hadn't interrupted, their Dark Elfin "guide" would have escorted them down the garden path, as it were. Oh, with the right torture (customized for "recruiting"), the proto-Dark Elves would have promised anything to end the pain (sort of like what the Demons did with Fred 8 and that "Thoabath" crap). The transformation would have been completed and they'd laughed, danced and all that as promised...all awhile what was left of the good inside slowly getting....assimilated and corrupted. Something akin to a cancer would have been injected into their souls, twisting them into dark parodies of their former selves.

Fred 8 doesn't remember it all, but enough to make my skin crawl.....

Soon joined Eternity Inc. as fellow Champions (long story)......retold in part in the TP thread elsewhere.... 1

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