Alternate Walants Universe 4

Fred goes to the Southern Caves to slay a dragon. He kills Velus. He & Astra are sent to the Calamari Desert to die. Dr.Vincent saves them. Minestus kidnaps Astra and turns her into a demifox. Fred goes after her but becomes a demifox too. Malachi and Minestus kill each other. Fred & Astra go to Walants to give Synizn the Crystallic so he can cure them. WereBear Synizn cures them and sends them to Aqualaria where they get married and have 7 babies. Later, Synizn (now a demifox) visits them and asks for their help to destroy the Crystallic. They go to Normady and meet up with the dragon Sigin. Dragoness Moreau somehow manages to drag Fred and Synizn (now a demifox) to the lost city of Atlantis, defeat them in battle, and leave them for bait for when Astra, Sigin, and the 7 infants come along finally. The other adventurers do come along, and the trap is sprung. Sigin, Fred, Astra, and the 7 infants are transformed into demifoxes. Moreau removes some magical alterations that Synizn had put on himself to prevent him from falling to his demifox nature when he smells a vixen (mundane or other wise) in heat. The dragoness then puts the still logy demifoxes in the presence of mundane foxes. The demifox females are in heat, as well as the mundane vixens. What happens next is....nature taking her course. 50 days later, well past the two week deadline to reverse the curse, the demifoxes regain themselves and find that they now have MORE infants to worry about. Bad enough, and doubly so because it appears that there is nothing that they can do about it (no revenge on Dragoness Moreau, because she swiped the Crystallic.....the only means of getting off this island that they now are on). However, Moreau got defeated by a Carradene who was at wits end (lets call him Carradene 2). Carradene 2 had made arrangements to FINALLY get the Pack off the Island, only to find that Malachi was well as Minestus. Since Minestus was dead, he needed not fear retaliation from the wyrm as he defeated Moreau. The Pack stumbled across the demifoxes and were bringing them up to speed when a Crystallic thrown by a panicked mage through a interdimensinoal portal lands at their feet. Sigin Vulpine, Rosepaw, their 12 kits and Carradene are zapped to a parallel Moreau's Island (Manimal Universe).

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