Denom, Better Known as Fred

The story that happens to Fred 5a and Astra 5a fits more along the lines of Fred and Astra 7 before coming to Terra Prime, but Dr. Vincent had insisted that their world was more like Fred 5's world instead of Fred 7's.  Well a day, it doesn't matter.

The story of Fred 5a, anyway, mirror's that of Fred 7 up until the first morning after Fred had rescued Rowena (Rowena 2 from here on out).  They soon depart their dwarven escorts, heading back towards Allaria.  They are intercepted by a band of D'Honaire guards who'd been sent after Rowena who'd been tasked by her father to bring her back to the castle, ASAP!  The Duke didn't want yet another death in the family.  Initially, Fred hides his true identity from the guards by posing as Denom, for the knight didn't wish to reveal himself until he got back to the castle to tell of what he'd seen and tell the Duke that their nation was about to make a terrible dishonorable mistake by trying to take advantage of the recent death of the Aqualarian queen.  However, it soon came to light that Denom was actually Fred (or, to the frightened guards, something that was posing as the now supposedly defunct knight).

After coming across on their way back to the D'Honaire castle signs of something amiss (monsters about somehow connected to the death of the dragon Minestus) as well as dark signs and portents afoot, the guards took Fred to a trusted mage (as much as mages were trusted in this xenophobic nation) to verify beyond a doubt that Fred was an imposter (or....verify that Fred was Fred).  Due to the magical repair job that Dr. Vincent made on Fred's battered body (replacing what Bobo had destroyed with magical and otherwise replacement parts).....the only thing that showed to be truly Fred's original body was his head!  In other words, nothing conclusive either way.

Frustrated, the guards were going to carry on and take Fred and Rowena back home.....but...... The journey to Suffex was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a strange group of people.

                  The journey to Suffex was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a strange group of
                  people. Their names were: Jarlath D'Honaire, Annafrid D'Honaire, Astra 9
                  D'Honaire, Andrea 2, Joan D'Honaire, and the very displaced blonde woman
                  named only Thelma!

                   Fred, catching the sight of Astra 9, feels his jaw drop in shock!

                   "But you're dead." he whispers.

It soon became necessayr for a hasty retreat.....back to Terra Prime!  Rowena 2 and Fred 5a get swept along...

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