The story begins where we see two people (named imaginatively enough "You" and "Sir Seeker) having the oddest discussion. They are planning on how to smuggle a fellow named Scott Chen from this one place called "Game 3 Addventure" into another realm called "Never Ending Quest" The two are able to bypass those opposed to such things (a group of people called "The Story Cops" and gain access to Room 1 in Game 3, the place Scott usually starts out his adventures (or misadventures) in. Scott, having just finished using the facilities, comes upon them and after learning what the would be smugglers want is enthusiastic about it. Seems that Game 3, for reasons unknown, wasn't working correctly and thus Scott's life had been dull...






Before this scene can play out any further the scene changes and we find out that it was all just a dream that Scott was having.


We find that this particular Scott (there are a lot running around we'll find out) is having trouble with his girlfriend, Debbie. Things have gotten to the point where if Scott doesn't perform up to par at a costume party she was throwing, they'd be through.


Scott, thinking that this relationship was worth saving (though in reality it wasn't), complies and goes out to buy a costume, though he hates costume parties. Out in town he comes across a store he never saw before called "Necessary Things" and figuring that this place was as good of prospect as any other store, Scott goes in. Looking for a costume, Scott wanders into the back of the store, opens a closet that seemed to beckon to him, and finds a shimmering scaley green dress. Not exactly trusting the odd dress (it's shimmering oddly), he figures that it still could be used to get back into Debbie's good graces since the woman had a taste for the odd. On the way out of the store to try his luck elsewhere, only to fall prey to the magic of the dress.


A wizard had sent that thing out into this reality in order to snare somebody who touched it. It would (and did) compel that person to put it on. When worn, the dress (made out of the scales of a dragonness) would turn the wearer into an exact duplicate of Lady Selania, heir apparent to the Empire (a nation of dragons). Well, it caught Scott (now named Selania) and the now female dragon got telelported to another realm, where we learn more when a man greeted her


"Madam," a male voice spoke. Scott looked to see a old human in fine robes, and a beared that reached to his chest. "Lady Selania," he begun, "Soon, Queen Selenia of the Empire." She knew with the look on this man's that he had a plan, and that told her that it included her. It made her stomach feel queasy.


Selania refused to play any part in this wizard's plans, which was a good thing. If she'd accepted, a final feature of the spell upon her would snap into play and she'd be nothing more than a puppet, ready to do anything that wizard asked.

Disappointed, the wizard cast a spell that shrank her down into a miniature dragon for his familair, Dreven, who was bothering the guy for a mate. He'd just go and make a new dress and draw in another one who'd be more willing. Well, thing is that while Dreven was really under the sway of instinct Selania was able to snap him out of it. She was able to show Dreven that the mage wasn't the nice fellow he appeared to be (mage had managed to fool Dreven royally) and he had plans for gaining the throne of the Empire through a puppet. They both together were able to kill the mage, but found that the mage had put in motion the means to remove the current throne sitters (i.e. he had the queen and king killed). The real Lady Selania was now only being kept alive through magic and would always be a vegetable no matter what. Scott turned Selania was the only one who could take the throne, else the Empire would fall.


Well, that said, she and Dreven (who she insisted on being her advisor....and more eventually) were going to go and do their duty to the Empire. Selania had pretty much given up all hope at returning to human (and truth told felt she had a better future here as she was than back home with Debbie and all that). However, things got interrupted when they had to rescue another Scott Chen who'd somehow gotten teleported here and needed rescuing. Finally rescued, this new Scott was going to be teleported home by Dreven and Selania only to instead be tempted by one Randall Flagg. Flagg knocked out the dragons and tempted this new Scott with the powers of the Author (godlike entities who ruled Game 3 and made life for the various Scotts a living Hell). All he had to do for it was to serve Flagg. Given the chance at revenge, this Scott with the weak morals complied....and went a bit insane on the power. He'd soon be going out to ensnare various folks who he thought were the Authors who'd tortured him in the past to torture them in return (but the truth was the folks he kidnapped were just human who just shared some common traits with the Authors he was after).


Flagg, happy at this, set up a little fun and games for later when he got around to going to someplace called Nantucket Earth. That plan got thrown for a loop when he ran into a Gunslinger called Roland. Selania and Dreven found themselves marooned on Nantucket Earth, but the rulers of a new kingdom of dragons. All that, however, is a different story for another time.




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