Form of a Fairy!

There once was an evil mage we shall call the Oracle who learned some very powerful magicks. One of the spells he learned was the trasformation kind. Boy could change anyone into anything, including creatures of Faerie. That was not looked upon well upon the rulers of that realm and as such King Oberon and such and as such the Oracle was at the top of their list (to destroy).

Now, the Oracle like to play some mean and vindictive games. On sport in particular involved traveling to a reality where a knight named Fred was out to slay a dragon. Well in this story we find that the Oracle trapped a Fred and changed him into a fairy lass only three inches high and with wings. Was going to do a real number next on the now pixie (which he called Frita) but those Fair Folk who objected to him so much were going to soon pay him a visit. So, the game was interrupted and the mage changed the pixie into a silver and gold pendant and sold it to some pawn shop on a world called Earth (Dr. Who's Earth in particular). A young man named Robin bought it for his girlfriend before having an encounter with a fellow named Omega, but that's a different tale. 1

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