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Season One:

Episode 1: Mr. Spilly Talker

Episode 2: A Hit! A Palpable Hit!

Episode 3: The Wreck of the Neighbourhood Bar

Episode 4: Mr. Wissleteats goes to Gorffwysfa

Epidsode 5: Gorffwysfa Angel

Episode 6: Angry Clothed Dove

Episode 7: Drinking Night in Gorffwysfa

Episode 8: Beer Guy Down Under

Episode 9: The Caffeine Audition

Episode 10: Barth Grooks

Episode 11: Steak Holders

Episode 12: Desmond Wooley

Season Finale! Episode 13: Dr Howe

Season Two:

Episode 14: Deb8r Grrl

Episode 15: Roomieus Maximus

Episode 16: The Drewbacca Defense

Episode 17: Brockonning

Episode 18: Gorffsketball

Episode 19: Soccer and Sock it to Me

Episode 20: The Homebuilder Proxy

Episode 21: To Spend, Perchance to Run a Deficit

Episode 22: Chick's Song

Episode 23: Explosion Returns

Pierre Trudeau and the TTC

The Charter as it applies to Koopas

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