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Kiowa Delegation in an early Expo parade


Sorority Information

In 1999, several former Kiowa Tribal Princesses decided to organize an alumni group and decided on the name "Kiowa Tribal Princess Sorority." The purpose of the organization is twofold: networking former princesses for social and business reasons and being a support system for the reigning Kiowa Tribal Princess. The main annual event for the sorority is hosting a reception honoring the Kiowa Tribal Princess during the American Indian Exposition. The reception began mainly as an event for the princesses representing the member tribes of the Exposition but has also attracted many other guests over the years and has become a mini-reunion for former Kiowa Tribal Princesses.

In the fall of 2010, the Kiowa Princess Sorority began drafting a constitution and bylaws, which was finished and adopted in February 2011. The constitution sets regular meetings, defines eligibility for membership and duties of officers, and covers expectations for Kiowa Tribal Princesses wishing to become part of the sorority.

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Kiowa Tribal Princess Sorority Officers (2010-2012)

Thomascina Tsoodle Leader (KTP '80), President
Martha Nell Poolaw (KTP '56), Vice President
Peggy Kyle Tsoodle (KTP '03), Secretary
Marisa Nell Poolaw (KTP '99), Treasurer

Recognized (Paid) Members for 2011-2012

Martha Poolaw
Thomascina Leader
Sharron Ahtone Harjo
Huberta Tsotigh
Lynette Kaulaity
Lori Kaulaity
Amber Toppah
Robin Choney
Toni Lynn Kaulaity
Marisa Poolaw
Peggy Tsoodle
Ellen Toyekoyah

American Indian Exposition Princesses
1934- Imogene Geikaumah Carter (Kiowa)
1935- Beatrice Ahpeahtone Smith (Kiowa)

1936- Maggie Tohome Wahnee (Kiowa)
1937- Augustine Campbell Barse (Kiowa/Wichita)
1938- Esther Riddles Parker (Comanche)
1939- Madeline Frank Proctor (Caddo)

Kiowa Tribal Princesses


1940- Anna Sue Whitehorse Nimsey
1941- Evalu Ware Russell
1942- Vivian Saunkeah
1943-Merylene Bointy Taptto Spottedhorse
1944-Patsy Toyebo Noel
1945-Ramona Tahsuda
1946-Dorothy Lyzette Rhoades Farrow
Dorothy Lyzette Rhoades Farrow
1948-Libby Ann Hines Hall
1949-Georgine Ware Hotema

  1950-June Boettger Artichoker
1951-Barbara Pappio Poe
1952-Geraldine Fuller Greeves
1953-Sandra Bear Quoetone
1954-Julian Queton Whorton
1955-Patricia Zotigh Espinoza
1956-Martha Nell Kauley Poolaw
1957-Thomascina Tsoodle Leader
1958-Marion Kaulaity Hansson
1959-Glenna Schrock


1960-Audrey Palmer Greigo
1961-Velma Domebo Eisenberger
1962-Mary Kodaseet Carter
1963-Tommie Louise Doyebi
1964-Sharron Ahtone Harjo
1965-Cheryle Davenport
1966-Lillian Chaino Wetselline
1967-Martha Kaulaity
1968-Sharon Kay Tsatoke Gritts
1969-Sharon Kay Tsatoke Gritts
  1970-Mabel Tsoodle Cozad
1971-LaDonna Beaver Sanderville
1972-Johanna Bigbow Tsatoke
1973-Huberta Tsotigh
1974-Jalaine Aitson
1975-Jalaine Aitson
1976-Lynette Tsotigh Kaulaity
1977-LouAnn Hall Haddon
1978-Lois Tsatoke Parker
1979-Mari Frances Sahmaunt
1980-Lois Annette Haumpy Swift
1981-Lahoma Horse
1982-Cherie Kaulaity
1983-Vivian Ware II
1984-Leslie Dae Tsonetokoy
1985-Kimberly Lynne Clark Toyekoyah
1986-Quinn Cussen Satepauhoodle Proctor
1987-Lori Ann Kaulaity
1988-Marisa Horse
1989-Stephanie Tah-Bone Hamilton
  1990-Alice Ann Kaulaity Young Bear
1991-Nesha Ann Onco Lozano
1992-Sophia Hovakah Wolf
1993-Amber Catharine Toppah
1994-Sharon Jean Bailey Garcia
1995-Amber Tah-Bone
1996-DeAndrea Robin Twohatchet Choney
1997-Christian Nichol Poorbuffalo Rogers
1998-Toni Lynn Kaulaity
1999-Marisa Nell Poolaw

2000-Chrystal Janelle Yeahquo Hogan
2001-Angelica Rose Lomavaya
2002-Stephanie Raenell Taylor
2003-Peggy Kyle Tsoodle
2004-Kandyse Denys Gilmore
2005-Joy Flores
2006-Casey Patricia Tsoodle
2006-Panzy Flower Paukei
2007-Kiowa Lynn Dupoint
2008-Amie Rae-Dawn Tah-Bone
2009-Catlin Tsoodle


2010-Ellen Nicole Toyekoyah
2011-Aiden Kamille Cozad
2012-Antonia Maria Belindo

Information is still needed for many of the former princess profiles. For a cut-and-paste form listing information that could be used, click here.

Information Regarding Sorority Shawls 

D&D Embroidery has been selected to make the Kiowa Tribal Princess Sorority shawls. D&D will be provided with the list of all the former Kiowa tribal princesses who wish to place an order, and the cost of the lettering and logo placement will be $45.00 for each shawl.

They Kiowa seal will be in the center of the shawl with the sorority name above (block letters) and the name of the princess (script) and years served beneath under the the seal. The shawls will be royal blue gabardine fabric with white fringe, similar to the tribal princess shawls from 1999-2006. D&D prefers that they receive the raw fabric to monogram and then the princesses can have the shawls hemmed and fringed.

D&D Embroidery is located at 120 E Broadway St, Anadarko, OK. Phone: 405-247-9695. The email address is [email protected] for all out of towners/out of staters. You can order by phone, in person or via email. For the people too far out, we can get the fabric after we receive your payment.

Hancock Fabrics in Norman carries Royal Blue gabardine.

Princess Car Tags

Special "Kiowa Princess" vanity licence plates are available through the Kiowa Tribe Tag Office. A A letter verifying good standing signed by the Kiowa Tribal Princess Sorority president must be presented to the Tax Commission to acquire a princess license plate. The current president is Thomascina Tsoodle Leader.

For more information, you may contact the Kiowa Tribe.

Stay in the Loop...

Meeting and event alerts are sent via Facebook group. Search "Kiowa Tribal Princess Sorority" and request to join. Membership is limited strictly to former princesses only. If you require an alternate means of information, contact one of the sorority officers with your name, telephone number, email address, etc.

Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month in various locations, usually in Anadarko. Times and meeting places are announced usually during the week before the meeting occurs.

Annual Dues

Yearly dues have been established at $20.00. This fee will go to the general fund, which covers expenses related to the annual luncheon for the newly elected princess, the reception held in honor of the reigning princess during the American Indian Exposition, two gifts/gift packages to the princess (one during her reception, one at her outgoing), and any incidentals (including, but not limited to, gifts for co-hosting duties, expenses associated with Caui Camp, etc).

Contact treasurer Marisa Poolaw at [email protected] for information on paying dues.

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