Rune Layouts

You can use a number of runic layouts derived from 
the Northern Tradition as well as from Tarot 
spreads. Some are simple, others more complex. 
The ones you find links to here will range from 
a single rune to a 24-rune layout. You can also 
use any one layout without following any particular 
sequence or order. To begin with, try one basic 
reading. As you progress, you can add other 
questions, preferably with a maximum of three 
simple readings or one more complex reading during 
each sitting.
 The following links will be samplings of rune 
layouts that include traditional, contemporary,
and innovative ones. You will find a layout diagram, 
description, and step-by-step instructions will be
provided for each one.

Before Every Rune Reading

1)Get yourself into a meditative frame of mind. 
2)Think of a specific question, something that 
is important to you at this time. Take a moment 
to form the question in your mind. Stay completely 
focused on the question and do not change your 
focus or the question at any time during the reading.
3)Journal the question.
40As you focus on the question, carefully mix 
your rune stones in their bag or holder or mix your 
cards. Continue thinking about the question and mixing 
the runes until you sense intuitively that the time 
is right.
5)Pause for a moment, focusing on your question, 
and take a deep breath.

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