Basic Rune Meditations

Besides divination, runes can act as a medium for 
tapping into inner knowledge through meditation, 
dream work, and visualization. The following basic 
rune meditations will help you better understand the 
powerful energies of these ancient symbols.

One Rune A Day

Select one rune each day, for 24 days. Just after 
waking up, mix your runes, and without looking-but 
with intention-pull the one that you feel most drawn 
to. Draw the rune symbol on a few slips of paper and 
place one next to your bed, one on the dashboard of 
your car, one on a wndow, an one on the wall so that 
you will see the symbol continually throughout the 
day. Do this each morning for 24 days. You will begin 
to feel the rune resonate inside you. Sometimes the 
rune even seems to correspond to a part of your body. 
You may find that you see the rune symbol wherever 
you look-in road signs, the shapes of trees, the way 
pencils fall together on a desk, and so forth.
 Each day, for 24 days, record the rune you pulled on 
a sheet of paper. After the 24 days, go back and look 
at the sheet and notice how many times certain runes 
were pulled during the 24-period, and which runes were 
not pulled. The runes that appear most often reflect 
the influences that are currently the strongest in your 
daily life. The runes not pulled reflect energies that 
are not yet directly influencing your life.

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