24-Week Rune Meditation

This meditation takes a 24-week commitment, but the results are 
guaranteed to expand your mind and your knowledge 
of the runes. If you apply yourself, you may even 
hear the runes sing to you, as others have, making 
their messages clear through sound.
 Ideally, begin this meditation on Wednesday (Wooden"s 
Dag). The first week (Wednesday through Tuesday), you 
will focus on Fehu; the second week, Uruz; the third 
week, Thurisaz; and so on, for 24 weeks, moving through
one of the three aettir every eight weeks. Use a rune stone, 
card, or squrae for this meditation, so that you have a 
physical point of reference. After selecting the rune of 
the week, read over the rune description under 
Rune Interpretations. During the week, from
Wednesday through Tuesday, notice how the rune and 
its primary energies influence your life. Make a 
few notes throughout the week as to how you feel 
about the weekly rune, and also record some of your 
thoughts about the process. You may find that the 
rune will have a much stronger and more active 
influence when you work with it after doing this 
 The following is a very basic guideline for helping 
you focus on each of the aettir and 24 runes. For 
instance, Week One, concentrate on mobile wealth-where 
you find yourself financially, and how the Fehu rune 
can strengthen your personal wealth.

 The first aett belongs to Freyja and Frey, and is 
the Aett of Creation.

1. Fehu-Financial prosperity and mobile wealth
2. Uruz-Health and healing issues
3. Thurisaz-Conflicts, obstacles, and psychological issues
4. Ansuz-Communications and transmissions; points things 
back to sources in the past
5. Raidho-The direction of your personal path
6. Kenaz-New ways of experiencing things, new opportunities, 
information, and creativity
7. Gebo-Issues having to do with an exchange of energies 
such as contracts, gifts, relationships, and partnerships
8. Wunjo-Your wishes, hopes, achievements, and accomplishments

 The second aett of Hagalaz belongs to Heimdall and 
Mordgud, the goddess who guards the bridge leading to the 
underworld. It is the Aett of Humanity.

9. Hagalaz-Issues of change and transformation, sometimes 
disruptive, but often for the better
10. Naudhiz-Anything that restricts you, or situations that 
make you feel anxious or fearful
11. Isa-All of those things you have trouble letting go of, 
especially past hurts and pain, things that have crystalized. This 
is the rune of you conditioning
12. Jera-Your hopes and expectations, and the harvest rune 
that shows the results of your actions and efforts
13. Eihwaz-The driving force of motivation and your sense 
of purpose
14. Perdhro-Your hidden talents, intuitive abilities, and 
creative powers
15. Algiz-Your protective powers and spiritual connections 
with the divine
16. Sowilo-Your sunshine in life and the direction in which 
you will be guided by divine light

 The third aett belongs to Tiwaz and Zisa, and this is 
the Aett of Divinity or Godhood.

17. Tiwaz-Your personal strengths, initiative, honor, sense 
of justice and fair play, and leadership abilities
18. Berkana-Your femimine power and intuitions. Issues with 
family and personal growth
19. Ehwaz-Your abilities of cooperation, sexual expression, 
and relationships with others
20. Mannaz-Your social position and the people around you, 
including your friends and enemies
21. Laguz-Your emotions and powers of imagination
22. Ingwaz-The way you integrate your life. Your expectations
23. Dagaz-Your balance between polarities. Issues of initiation, 
birth, new beginnings
24. Othala-Your spiritual heritage and birthright

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