Ceremonial Runecasting

Ceremonial runecasting differs greatly from readings using layouts. 
It is more complex, subtle, and requires your undivided attention. 
By tradition, only wooden, amber, or stone runes are used for ceremonial 
 One ancient ceremonial runecasting technique is called "Raed Waen," 
which translates as "riding the wagon," where you visualize yourself 
as a rider in the divine wagon of the gods from which all things can 
be seen and known. The riding of the wagon is the actual ceremony 
while throwing of the runes is called the "shoat."
 When working indoors, you need to throw the runes along the main axis 
of the room, which is called the "rig," or "right line." The rig is an 
energetic line that crosses the room. Its direction may vary, depending 
on the rune. To find the rig, when you're doing the ritual the first thing 
to do is find the four corners. Then determine the rig by drawing a straight 
line between the north and south points and east and west points. The longest 
line is the rig, which, in a room, is usually the line between the east and 
west corners. The reason for this is that the rig parallels the path of the 
sun, moving from east to west. When working outdoors-the optimal setting for 
any rune ceremony-orient the rig so that it faces toward the sun at the time 
the divination takes place. This direction will of course change depending 
upon the time of day.
 The poem entitled "Rigsthula," from the Edda, is the story of how 
Rig (another face of the god Heimdall) visited families belonging to the 
three classes. Rig stayed with each of the families for three days, lying 
with all three wives, and is this way became the father to all classes of 
people. Rigs were also strips of land belonging to a village that in 
traditional Scottish folk law were allocated using runic lots called 
"Runrigs," a form of lottery. Because the runes came from Odin, the 
allocation of land by runrigs was considered the sacred will of the gods.

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