Sensing The Runes

This simple meditation takes only about five 
minutes a day, and produces excellent results. 
Recline or sit comfortably, in a place where 
you will not be disturbed for a few minutes, 
and is possible set a times for five minutes. 
Select your favorite rune and place it faceup 
on the casting cloth, on your lap, or in front 
of you on a table, desk, or similar surface. 
Take a few deep breaths, relaxing your mind 
and body. Shift your body around a bit to get 
even more comfortable. Begin looking at the rune 
in front of you, perceiving it with all your senses, 
including your intuition and psychic ability. See, 
touch, taste, smell, and hear the rune. Use your 
imagination. Be in the moment with the rune. At the 
point where you feel yourself wavering and moving 
away from the experience, go back to the rune and 
again experience it with all your senses. Any time 
your mind tries to take over the experience, move 
back to the rune and sense it with another one of 
your senses. Do this for five minutes at a time. 
As you practice this technique, you will become 
better at staying in the moment with the rune and 
its essential energies. It's a good idea to apply 
this meditation to each of the 24 Futhark, over 
an extended period of time.

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