Rune Gift Guided Meditation

This meditation is intended to help you connect with 
the runes on a deeper level. It is particularly 
helpful to tape-record the meditation and play 
it just before going to sleep, and upon waking. 
If you tape-record it and want to use it before 
going to sleep, just alter the ending to take 
you into a restful, refreshing sleep. You can 
also change the meditation to use the word "god" 
in place of "goddess," if you prefer.

 Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax. Get 
as comfortable as you can, breathing and relaxing 
more and more. Breathe in to the count of three, 
holding your breath for three counts and then 
exhaling completely. Do this three times or more, 
and allowing all the tension of the day to leave 
your body every time you exhale. Each sound you 
hear in the room will help you to become even more 
relaxed and peaceful.
 Begin to breathe white light into your body from 
all around you. It's as if you can feel yourself 
breathing in the light through your skin, through 
the tips of your toes and the top of your head, 
softly and completely. As you breathe in the white 
light, you can feel it flowing through your body 
and warming you from head to toe.
 Now very slowly begin to visualize yourself walking 
down a garden path on a warm summer's day, the sun 
shining brightly. The air is warm and a gentle breeze 
touches your face. You come to a garden gate made of 
wood. The gate is very ornate and carved with runic 
symbols. The symbols seem to come alive as the sun 
shines on the gate.
 Slowly you open the gate, and as you do you notice 
the warmth of the wood on your hands. You walk slowly 
through the gate into the lush garden, leaving the gate 
open behind you. As you enter the garden the smell of 
roses, lavender, and jasmine fills your senses. Several 
tall mountain ash trees guard the entrance, and their
branches suggest ancient runic symbols in the way they 
weave together. oaks, pines, and fir trees surround the 
area, shading delicate ferns and butter-colored wild irises.
Pine needles, twigs, and leaves cover the ground here and 
there, and their shapes, again, remind you of runes.
 You can hear bees buzzing in the garden as you walk on, 
and the smell of water greets you as you approach a small 
pool fed by a natural spring. The spring bubbles softly over 
several large milky-white quartz stones as the water flows 
into the pool.
 You sit down comfortably on the grassy bank next to the 
pool and look into the water. You can see the reflection 
of trees in a circle around the pool and you also see 
yourself in the brightly lit water. Dip your hand into the 
water and feel the cool sensation, perhaps even take a drink 
from the pool.
 Noticing some very small white quartz stones at the edge 
of the pool, you pick up three stones in your hand and 
begin throwing them into the pool, one at a time. You watch 
the ripples from each stone move outward and finally disappear 
before you toss in the next. With each stone you toss into 
the water, you feel more relaxed, peaceful, and warm.
 Suddenly you have the sensation and realization that you 
are not alone. As you look to your left, the picture and form 
of the Goddess appears. Study her image for a few moments, 
using your breath to get an even clearer picture of her. 
Taking a deep breath, you can see her clearly now. Communicate 
with her. If you know her name, call her name. If you don't 
know her name, ask her and she will tell you. Merge with 
her and become one with the Goddess. With each breath you 
take, her image becomes more defined and her face more clear. 
She seems surrounded by a kind of golden-white luminosity 
that radiates from her being and melts into yours.
 In her hand, she holds a rune stone. Notice which rune 
symbol and what kind of stone it is. Take the stone from 
the Goddess and notice how it feels in your hand. It may 
feel cool or hot, alive with energy or soothing and calm. 
Trace the runic symbol engraved in the stone with you fingers, 
feeling the indentation on the smooth surface. This rune 
stone is your magical gift from the Goddess, and you can use 
it to communicate directly with the divine.
 Now it is your turn to give the Goddess something in return: 
a kiss, a song perhaps, or a vow-whatever you choose. Give this 
gift to her now. Breathing slowly and deeply, say whatever you 
need to say to her, silently and completely. Breathe slowly and 
visualize the experience even more clearly now sensing every 
feeling and thought between you and the Goddess.
 Suddenly the Goddess beckons you to follow her. You carry your 
rune stone with you as she takes you through the garden, showing 
you the many trees, plants, roses, and other flowers, animals, 
and magical beings that live there. You notice the runic symbols 
in nature all around you. The bright sun shines upon everything: 
the leaves of the plants, the branches of the trees, the path in
front of you-brightening everything with its pure light. The Goddess 
reminds you that you can return to this magical garden whenever you 
choose, and then she takes your hand and guides you through the 
wooden gate carved with runes, closing the gate behind you.
 As you move through the gate, the Goddess Becmes invisible, but 
she is still very much with you. You can sense her hand on yours. 
She is always with you. The rune stone gift that she has given you 
is eternal.
 Slowly begin to move back into your body, remembering the rune 
symbol that the Goddess has given you and what you have given her, 
knowing that these gifts are signs of you connection with the Goddess 
and the divine. Moving your hands, toes, amd head, come back to the 
present moment completely, opening your eyes and breathing deeply. 
Be sure to make note of the rune stone the Goddess gave you, and 
what you gave her in return. Look up the meaning of the rune and 
study the description. Over the next few weeks, notice how this 
particular rune influences your life.

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