Here are the twenty-four runes of the Common Germanic Futhark. Each rune is 
presented along with its name, the sound or letter it refers to, depiction, 
runic position, original meaning, key words associated with that particular rune, 
tree, herb, stones, color, runic half month, runic hour,  other names, 
description, the God/Goddess, power animals, element, number value, astrology, 
tarot card, mythology surrounding it, magical qualities, galdr song, 
divination usage, casting, and magik of each rune.
  Interpretations can be either literal or figurative. For example,    the
Rune of Travel, can refer either to physical journeys or to spiritual 
movement and growth.
  As an afterthought I decided to mention how I have handled the "blank" rune.
My first set of runes had one but it didn't have much information on the entire 
aspect just that Ralph Blum decided to include it in the set. Sirona Knight didn't
seem to include any mention of it. In my personal set I include a "blank" rune
but in the aspect that when I draw it the rune simply means the divine forces
do not mean for me to know that answer at the other words it is
"unknown," making it the rune called Unknowable. 

Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz
Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz
Raidho Kenaz Gebo Wunjo
Raidho Kenaz Gebo Wunjo
Hagalaz Naudhiz Isa Jera
Hagalaz Naudhiz Isa Jera
Eihwaz Perdhro Algiz Sowilo
Eihwaz Perdhro Algiz Sowilo
Tiwaz Berkana Ehwaz Mannaz
Tiwaz Berkana Ehwaz Mannaz
Laguz Ingwaz Othala Dagaz
Laguz Ingwaz Othala Dagaz

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