Work Place Ornaments

The 200 Bones of the Body (according to Gray's Anatomy)
The Original 64 Crayola Crayon Colors

House Rules for Monopoly
How to Play Jacks (Akron, Ohio Rules)

Area 51
...we are not alone.

Braille Cheat-Sheet
Braille Contractions

Useless planetary trivia
Planetary Data
Satellite Data
Ring Data

Chess, anyone?
Karpov vs. Kasparov III
Karpov vs. Kasparov IV
Karpov vs. Kasparov V
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue I
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue II
Kasparov vs. the World

Teletubby Land vs. The Village
Is Tinky-Winky the Anti-Christ?

A History of Strange U.S. Coins
Lincoln Cents / Quantities Minted

The Almost Impossible Scavenger Hunt
My Wife's Purse
2 Rules of Thumb

Basic Clarinet Fingering Chart

Casio VL-1 Manual
The "HX-20" of synthesizers;
raw text format only, no diagrams.

Card Trick
(Stolen from the 'net and/or a box of Cracker Jacks)

Fun Page
Fun Page II

Life at Cuyahoga Falls
Life at Pizza Hut
Living in the 21st Century

My Own Geek Code
My First Hate Mail
The Nigerian Web Scam

Sudoku: Another Solving Technique


Vanity Plates

Worst of the Web?
The Non-Zero Positive Integer Page

The London LP's
Hocus Pocus
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore

Mind-Numbing Trivia:

At 10-foot tall, Tinky-Winky towers 3 feet over Barney.

Carnivorous mammals have eyes on the front of their heads so they can HUNT.
Vegetarian mammals have eyes on the sides of their heads so they can ESCAPE.

One third of a dog's brain is dedicated to its sense of smell;
about the same percentage that the human brain reserves for sight.

Dogs and cats only have eighteen digits (finger and toes);
while they possess the human equivalent of "thumbs" (dew claws),
they are void of what we call the "big toes".

According to Webster's dictionary, The slang 'HOOCH' is derived from:
"A distilled liquor made by the Hoochinoo Indians",
NOT because it just happens to be the symbolic chemical formula for alcohol.

The 3 familiar tones that concur with the NBC logo are the musical tones G-E-C.
GEC is an acronym for the General Electric Company, the original owner of the network.

A tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.

Hard-boiled eggs SPIN. RAW eggs do not.

It is the 21st century... and Wyoming still only has ONE area code.

The most frequently used letters in the alphabet are E and T,
while the least used letters are Q and Z in the English language.
That is why E and T were assigned as simply "dit" and "dah" (respectively) in the Morse code;
and also why Q and Z have been omitted on the original telephone dial.

The reason a telephone keypad is numbered from top to bottom was to emulate its predecessor, the phone dial.
The reason a calculator keypad is numbered from bottom to top was to emulate its predecessor, the comptometer.
And finally, the reason a clock is numbered clockwise was to emulate its predecessor, the sundial.

The logic behind the QWERTY keyboard arrangement still reamins a mystery.

The 96 values that span a decade of 1% resistors increment by multiples of the 96th root of 10.
However, the 24 core values of 5% resistors do not exactly follow a scaled logarithmic pattern.

Why do programmers think that Halloween is Christmas? Because:
OCT 31 = DEC 25

~~~~Other mathematical anomalies~~~~

Sn3 = (Sn)2

0! = 1

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