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Listen to some tunes while mowing the lawn!


Center 1 Medieval Square Dance
Band Mutiny Ellipse
Curse of the Hex Inverter The Foci
Window Gnomon
Mirror Analemma
Crystal O-O
Lens Village Head-Shop
Prism 1 The Fool
Convex The Magician
Prism 2 Lizard's Leg
Concave Center 3a
Prism 3 Center 3b
Glass 2 Center 3c
Center 4 Center 2
Glass 1

Scott Joplin Midis!

If you don't care too much for rag-time piano, then set the voice to SITAR and call it "Ravi Shanker plays Scott Joplin"; cruise down to the 7/11 at midnight, crank up the car speakers and pick up some chicks!

Maple Leaf Rag March Majestic
Peacherine Rag The Strenuous Life
Augustan Club Waltzes Weeping Willow
The Easy Winners Palm Leaf Rag
Cleopha The Favorite
A Breeze from Alabama The Sycamore
Elite Syncopations The Cascades
The Entertainer The Chrysanthemum

Pictures at an Exhibition

Bilder einer Ausstellung

Robert Finley's amazing rendition of the Mussorgski masterpiece. Be prepared to be stunned in total awe, as this MIDI version ranks many notches above any classical recording on CD.

Das alte Schloß
Ballett der Küchlein in ihren Eierschalen
Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle
Der Marktplatz in Limoges
Con mortuis in lingua mortua
Die Hütte der Baba-Yaga
Das große Tor van Kiew

Read the liner notes.

Planarian Soundtrack

This is unfinished atonal music, dedicated to my obsolete underground cartoon Platonic Planarian, featuring characters like Plato the Planarian, his sidekick (some Amoeba guy), Frank and Einstein (Siamese twins attached by the umbilical cord), Nibroc, Udd and Mr. Infinity. I also remember a worm-like creature with shark fins and 4 toes.

The music was written on a Casio VL-1, and the rules were that the thing had to be monophonic with an ever-so primo disco-like rhythm. Some extras are added, such as The Medieval Square Dance 2 in glorious polyphonic MUZAK sound.

Medieval Square Dance II Planarian Tracks #7, 8 &9
Ellipsoid Planarian Tracks #10 &11
Planarian Theme Planarian Tracks #12 &13
Planarian Tracks #2 &3 Planarian Tracks #15 &16
Planarian Tracks #4 &5 HX-20

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