Thorleif's SOMA Page

The single most largest Soma site on the web that somehow eludes the search engines. If you have a Soma cube at home, then bookmarking this page is a must, as 7-meg of cyber space is dedicated to this puzzle.

There are other Soma cube sites (including mine) but the best stuff from each one has been contributed or donated to Thorleif's, as this is considered the SOMA CENTRE of the world. So now everything about the Soma cube rests in one spot.


The thousands-year-old puzzle that is still popular today (no Y2K bug here). You may remember the puzzle as Tangoes or maybe even Pythagoras. Strangely enough, only a few Tangram sites are known to exist for this ancient Chinese puzzle; meanwhile, this one is the best (until I get MY Tangrams page up! ...hee, hee;-) Maintained by Randy Crawford.

Jaap's Puzzle Page

The most comprehensive site on the web for solving the wide range of Rubik-like puzzles, including Square 1, which I would have never solved without Jaap's help. The site is high on text and low on graphics; a virtual plus! Also points to lots of other puzzle links, especially Meffert's Puzzles. I usually don't condone cyber-stores, but in this day and age of puzzle abstinence at the discount stores, there is no other choice. Forget the science stores at the mall; all they sell are rocks and telescopes.

Christian Eggermont's Puzzle Page

The puzzle site that started it ALL!

Free Games and Puzzle Programs

A single-paged web site offering freeware by Ross Canning; with Cubix, Pentominoes and (most important of all) a Windows Soma Cube Solver.


Capable of solving any polyomino animal up to 64 cubelets, regardless of size or number of the animal components. By Marc Moerig

Speed Cubing

Dedicated for the hard-core cubists. Lots of "cheat codes" for amateurs and experts alike.

Twisty Megasite

A master puzzle maniac. Check out his collection!

Jim Loy's Home Page

A true home-grown scientist.

A guy who actually makes and sells 3-D Klein Bottles. Get yours today!

The Largest Known Prime 224036583-1.

Fibonacci Numbers

All about PHI.


A nice sample of recreational mathematics. One end of the spectrum.

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

The most resourceful hard-core mathematics site on the web. The other end of the spectrum.

Note: This site was temporarily closed due to conflicts in legalities. Eric was going through Hell because CRC publications claimed they owned the copyright of the simple equation, "1+1=2", the BULIDING BLOCK of the Mathematical Universe. Take heed: if you assume that being intelligent will rise you above the rest of the crowd, think again; you are very, VERY WRONG! All the mentally-challenged are forever in the way, leaving yourself stuck in the TRAFFIC JAM OF IGNORANCE!

Focus Tribute Homepage

If you have never heard of Focus before and need a beginner's guide, then follow these instructions:

First of all, buy the Moving Waves CD. If you do not like this, then stop and go back to your Madonna records. If you do like it, then proceed: pick up a copy of Hamburger Concerto. I consider this the "Abbey Road" of their albums. It's an excellent album, but takes time to get use to. If you're disappointed, don't give up just yet; go ahead and buy Focus 3. If this doesn't turn you on, then STOP. Don't be upset; at least you have the "standard set" of Focus CD's.

The serious Focus fan would also own Live at the Rainbow, Ship of Memories and Mother Focus next (in that order). If Profile (Jan Akkerman's 1st solo album) is available, grab that one, too! And for you die-hard fans, you need the complete collection, so go ahead and buy In & Out of Focus, Focus con Proby and Focus(1985), even though you'll only listen to them once.

St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage

The Frank Zappa homepage; and way much better than the so-called "real" site, as the so-called "real" site ( is just another boring cyber-store anymore (sigh).

Zenith Trans-Oceanic Page

A web-site dedicated to my favorite line of shortwave radios, the pre-disco-erazoic Zenith Trans-Oceanic.

Robin's Web

A great retro-site. Guaranteed to keep Boomers and Tweeners zoned out for hours like zombies.

The Purple Abyss

While most anti-Barney sites are crude, this one is excellent! The original stories by Brian Bull are clever, funny and very well written; probably the best reading available on the web.

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi

A masterpiece of wit and humor.

The Atlanta Roadways Digest (TARD)

A road rage vent.

The Best Page in the Universe

Classic cynical rants.


Gen-X satire site. (Warning: annoying pop-ups.)


More disgusting, vile and nauseating than ROTTEN DOT COM. A book-mark MUST!


Not the best Edward Gorey site, but the good ones keep moving or get sued.

The definitive Dave Donaghue site.

And of course, everyone knows THESE sites:

The Internet Movie Database
Jump the Shark
Darwin Awards
Urban Legends

Other links...

Magic Eye 3-D Illusions by N. E. Thing Enterprises
Prisoner sites on the Internet
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Sky & Telescope
WebElements by Mark Winter
Classical Midi Archives
Toon Tracker Real Audio Page
The Slide Rule Homepage
Sphere Research Slide Rule Site
Sundials on the Internet
The United States Playing Card Company at Cincinnati, OH
The Crayola Crayon Factory at Two Rivers Landing, PA
Trax Resource Center

...more links to come.

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