Epson HX-20 Programs

NEW: Download programs from the distant past that will make the world's first laptop (the Epson HX-20) come ALIVE again. Digitally restored from micro-tape. These programs are not compatible with other RETRO-PCs; not even the Commodore 64. The HX-20 allowed the programmer to use commands that were unique to its 120x32 pixel screen, piezo-electric speaker, 8-bit ASCII character set and RAM pointers; all which I took advantage of.

Download all 68 files into 1 zipped file now (101K)

Interface Cable Connection Diagram
Epson HX-20 SAVE Command
Epson HX-20 LOAD Command
Appendix K: Using the RS-232 Port

ASCII Character Conversion Chart
Epson HX-20 Memory Dump
Epson HX-20 Memory Map
6301 Op-Code Table

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