Type: Command

Format 1: LOAD
Format 2: LOAD "<file name>" [,R]
Format 3: LOAD "<device name>" [,R]
Format 4: LOAD "<device name> <file name>" [,R]
Format 5: LOAD "COM0:<(blpsc)>" [,R]
Format 5: LOAD "COM0:<(blpsc)> <file name>" [,R]

Purpose: To load a BASIC program from an implied device or specified device into the current program area, and, optionally, to RUN that program.


Format 1 loads the next BASIC program on the implied device. The implied device is the microcassette (if a microcassette device cartridge is installed), the ROM cartridge (if a ROM cartridge is installed), or the external cassette (if no cartridge is installed). You may not use format 1 if a disk drive is connected.

Format 2 loads the specified BASIC program from the implied device. The implied device is disk A (if a disk drive is connected), or, in decending order, the microcassette, the ROM cartridge, or an external cassette.

The is a string consisting of up to 8 characters (including spaces), plus an optional delimiter and three-character extension. The delimiter must be ".". Any character may appear in a file name string extension except ".", "/", ".", "(",")", CHR$(0), or CHR$(255). Some legal file names are:


Format 3 loads the next program from the specified device. Device names are:

Device Name / Device
CASO: Microcassette
CAS1: External cassette
PAC0: ROM cartridge
A: Disk drive A
B: Disk drive B
C: Disk drive C
D: Disk drive D

You may not use format 3 to load a program from a didk drive. (A dosk does not store files sequentially, so the is no "next" program on a disk.)

Format 4 loads the specified form the specified device.

Format 5 loads the next file from the RS-232 device.

Format 6 loads the specified file from the RS-232 device.

In formats 5 and 6, <blpsc> specifies a communications protocol. <blpsc> is required if the RS-232 device does not conform to the HX-20's default protocol. See Appendix K.

",R" at the end of any LOAD coomand (except format 1) causes the HX-20 to RUN the program once it has been read into the current program area. You may not use ",R" with format 1.

To abort any LOAD operation, press |BREAK|.

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