Type: Command

Format 1: SAVE "<file name>" [,A]
Format 2: SAVE "<device name> <file name>" [,A]
Format 3: SAVE "COM0:<(blpsc)> <file name>"[,A]

Purpose: To copy a BASIC program from the current program area to the implied or specified device.


Format 1 SAVEs the current BASIC program on the implied device. The implied device is disk A (if a disk drive is connected), or, in decending order of priority, the microcassette or external cassette. The program will be stoired in a file having the specified name. (See LOAD for a discussion of the <file name>.)

Format 2 SAVEs the current program on the specified device. (See LOAD for a description of the <device name>.)

Format 3 SAVEs the current program on the RS-232 device. <(blpsc)> specifies a communications protocol. (See LOAD for a discussion of <(blpsc)>.) See also Appendix K.

",A" at the end of any SAVE command causes the HX-20 to SAVE the program in ASCII format. (You must save a program in ASCII format if you wish to MERGE it later. Other wise the HX-20 will SAVE the program as a binary file.)

To abort any SAVE operation, press |BREAK|.


SAVE "PROGRAM.1" (Format 1)
SAVE "PROGRAM.1", A (Format 1)
SAVE "CAS1 PROGRAM.1" (Format 2)
SAVE "CAS1 PROGRAM.1", A (Format 2)
SAVE "COM0:(28N2F) PROGRAM.1" (Format 3)
SAVE "COM0:(28N2F) PROGRAM.BAS", A (Format 3)

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