Barb is busy right now and hasnít typed up anything, so I guess itís up to me to amuse you with some interesting recipe titles:

Farm Animal Soup Beans and Cheese Raison Bran Surprise Unwanted Clams
Beer Battered Grapefruit 3-Weed Salad Tomatoes Flambe Mr. Zuchini-Head
Squash-on-the-cob Crouton Delight Sassafrassed Potatoes Freezed-Dried Coffee Crackers
Yam-ka-bob Hotdog Fillet Frapped Mushrooms Warm and Smelly!

Oops. I spoke too soon!

Spicy Chili

Cardboard Pizza


Spinach Casserole
Submitted by Carla

The Soup Page
12 recipes!

Waikiki Meatballs

Hveder (Danish soft scones)
by Thorleif Bundgaard

Barbara's Breakfast Skillet
An anti-omelet

Superbowl Sunday Sandwich

Sparky Popcorn

Prins Henriks Curry-Scrimp Soup
by Thorleif Bundgaard

Garlic Soup with Honey-Roasted Chicken
by Thorleif Bundgaard

Cheese Soup with Butter-Roasted Bread Cubes
by Thorleif Bundgaard

At long last!
The Cheese Ball Recipe
Submitted by Prudie-Carole from the Work Place

Taco Dip Recipe
from my Aunt Marge

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