Barbara's Breakfast Skillet

An anti-omelet



In a large Non-stick skillet...pour in a little olive oil (at least 1-2 tablespoons). Turn heat on High. Put your sausage links into skillet (I only use half the package) 7 links. Let the sausage brown a bit on both sides.

Move sausage to one side of skillet... add mushrooms and let them soak up the olive oil in skillet. After these have cooked for 1 minute... turn down heat on skillet... add pepper slices and stir around with other ingredients in skillet. Put bread into toaster.

After the sausage peppers and mushrooms are almost cooked to perfection... add your eggs into skillet... in between sausage peppers and mushrooms... tilt the pan a bit so egg whites will spread out into sausage mixture. Put the lid on the skillet and turn heat low... as your buttering your toast... keep checking the skillet so the eggs don't harden too much. When the eggs are done to perfection... serve!

This resembles a frisbee when its all done. The eggs seal everything together and it slips right out of the non stick pan. Serves 3-4 people. Everyone in our family loves it!!


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