Garlic Soup with Honey-Roasted Chicken

by Thorleif Bundgaard



Peel the garlic pieces, and fry them quickly in the oil, in a LARGE pot. They may NOT become brown. Add the soup, and boil under lid for 25 minutes. Mash (blend) the soup (in a food processor or blender), and bring it back into the pot.

Whip the cream, egg yoke, paprika and cornstarch together. Heat the soup, and beat a little of the warm soup into the mixture. Then pour it all back in the pot, and heat gently while whipping, until just under the boiling point. If it boils, the eggyoke will become "sandy" and it is only there to ease the soup.

Cut the chicken breast in thin slices and dry them. Spice with Tyme and pepper. Heat butter and honey in a pan, and fry the chicken until it is golden. Let it cool for a few minutes. Serve the chicken on the soup with a dusk of parsil.

Serves 4 persons (You may smell of garlic the day after !)


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