Area 51

...we are not alone.

Area 51 survivors

Authentic alien
autopsy photo

The Artist From
Another Planet


We are VISITORS, and we are HERE. We know you have many questions, and are prepared to answer all of them.

Q: How did you get here?

A: We are a superior alien race, so advance and intelligent, that we are capable of bending the laws of time and physics by creating a spacecraft that can whisk us away from our home planet to anywhere else in the Universe, instantaneously. It is Element 115 what makes cross-galactic travel possible, an element that remains a mystery on your planet.

Q: How did you crash?

A: Although we are a superior alien race (so advance and intelligent that we can bend the laws of time and physics), for some strange reason, even with all of our high-tech knowledge, we just simply couldn't LAND the stupid thing. It is believed that the giant SPRING on the bottom of the craft failed to pop out.

Q: Why Area 51?

A: Originally, we were focusing on the remote area you refer to as the NORTH POLE, but later discovered that Santa Claus and Superman have already occupied that section. Besides, they're constantly feuding about who has to mow that tiny strip of grass between the Workshop and the Fortress; but the arguement is moot as there *is* no grass because this is the NORTH POLE. Normally the neighbors would complain, but there *are* no neighbors, because once again... it's the NORTH POLE.

We are not invaders; we come in peace. However, we must warn you:
We're here - we're there - we're everywhere... so BEWARE.

TaKe uS To yOuR LeAdEr!

"Live Long and Prosper"

"Gort Barada Nik-to"

Peter, Bald & Scary

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