Stranger than fiction. This is a true stroy; the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

11-16-87 I looked at the thermostat and the heater switch was on. Glenn asked me if there was a manual override. I said "I won't say." Kathy had her coat on and said "Can you adjust that? I saw you move a little switch."

11-17-87 Got in at 9:30 and thermostat was off. (Mode control was off.) I turned it on and someone announced that "Joe" was playing withthe thermostat again. Late morning: I heard the air conditioner shut off. I looked over there, and saw Glenn walking away from it. I said: "What happenned? Did you touch it?" He said "I don't know anything about it."

11-18-87 Got in at 8:15 - 8:20 A.M. No one from engineering present except Glenn and Joe W. Joe W. was wearing a sweater. The door to the back was held open with a makeshift piece of aluminum. The thermostat was off. I turned the thermostat on and threw the aluminum in Courtney's wastebasket.

11-19-87 I came in at 9:00. Only Courtney and myself were present. I found the thermostat shut off.

11-30-87 Got in at 9:00. Found thermostat off; turned it back on. Back door was propped open with same aluminum piece that I had previously thrown away. I put the aluminum piece in the restroom trash can.

12-1-87 Got in at 7:50. No one in engineering but myself. I turned the thermostat on and heard a sound of shock and disapproval from the purchasing area. Later that afternoon, I walked out of my office to look in a parts cabinet and I saw Kathy walking away from the thermostat. I turned it back on, and Kathy said "We're cold." Derek T____ witnessed the event. Later that night, I came in and programmed the access code in the thermostat.

12-2-87 Derek omplained that the oscillating fan was making him cold. To help, I changed its setting from "high" to "low".

12-3-87: Once, I saw Courtney try to turn the air conditioner on. (The temperature was too low for it to come on.) To help, I turned the oscillating fan on "high".

12-4-87 Personal day.

12-15-87 Courtney turned it off, complaining of coldness.

12-16-87 Courtney turned it off, complaining of coldness.

1-21-88 The previous day, work was being done on the roof and the climate control system kept going on and off. I came in this morning at 8:05 A.M. Thetemperature was 73 deg. I went to the cafeteria and came back and the heat was blasting. The temperature was 75 deg. and the fan was turned off, so I turned

it back on.

1-26-88 A doorstop appeared on the door between engineering and the assembly area.

1-27-88 I came in at 8:55. The door betwen engineering and the assembly area was open.

2-1-88 The cafeteria heater was on. It was covered with aluminum tape. After I took the tape off, I noticed that the switch was very dirty.

2-22-88 I came in at 8:09 A.M. No one from engineering was present besides myself and Joe W. Someone had put a floppy disc label on the thermostat in such a way as to seal its door closed.

3-7-88 Around 10 in the morning, Cathy asked me if I could do anything about the temperature. She said the draft was the main problem. She asked why the fan was always on and I said "I won't say." Joe W______ said "Will you tell me?" and I said "No." She said "Can you make it blow hot air?" I said I wanted to confer with Dave first. (Dave was somewhere else in the building at the time.) Around 11, the clear plastic box was put over the thermostat. I had decided to turn the fan off because there was no longer a need for it, but couldn't do anything because the thermostat was locked. (Having the fan on continuously would signal the condition when Cathy would turn the thermostat off. It was also thought that having the fan on continuously would provide fresh air, but Don found out from Y_______ that no outside air is allowed to enter the building.) I wasn't able to catch the serviceman to ask him about the key. It seemed to get colder after the box was installed. The thermometer in the thermostat read 77 degrees but the actual temperature was probably 72 degrees. At about 11:45, I called Z_____ and inquired about the key. He said Mitch should have it.

After lunch, Al closed the duct in Jenny and Cathy's area. Don and I knew about it right away because the pressure coming out of the duct above Don shot up. A few minutes later, Glenn closed the duct near his desk and the pressure out of the remaining ducts shot up higher still. Don said if they closed another duct, he'd get blown out of his office. Joe W______ was having a hard time carrying on a phone conversation because of the noise. Someone said that the duct in the copying room was going crazy. Joe W______ was contemplating cutting the thermostat cable with a miniature pair of wirecutters. I decided that somebody had to do something responsible, so I decided to call Mitch, who was at a meeting at Carter Road. Mitch said Cyndi should have the key. I got the key from Cyndi and put the fan on auto. I left the clear plastic box on Courtney's bench because it seemed that the thermostat felt 5 degrees warmer than ambient inside the box. A little while later, someone I've never seen before came in and started asking Cyndi where the "second" key to the thermostat was. I asked Courtney who that guy was and he said he was from Systems. The guy said to Cyndi that there were two keys in the box. She said she only had one. Then he asked Joe W______ abou the key. Then he told Cyndi to put the box on the thermostat and to guard it with her life, and then he left.

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