Teletubby Land vs. The Village

1. Both have surreal landscapes and a circus-like atmosphere, and it never rains.
2. The Teletubbies and No. 2 reside in a green dome.
3. Both Teletubbyland and The Village have speakers all over the place that tell everyone what to do.
4. Laa-Laa has a weather balloon for a ball, which was also used on The Prisoner as the guardian "Rover".
5. Po's scooter is reminiscent of the Village's penny-farthing bicycle icon.
6. The Tubbies' pinwheel-windmill has the same hypnotic effect as No. 1's rocket had in the last episode.
7. The Teletubbies have Noo-Noo. No. 2 had a butler, too.
8. The Sun-baby keeps constant watch over Teletubbyland, just like The Bald Supervisor did in The Village.
9. The inhabitants of both Teletubbyland and The Village are brain-washed.
10. No one can escape.


Tinky-Winky: Where am I?
Dipsy: In Teletubbyland
Tinky-Winky: What do you want?
Dipsy: More Tubby-Toast
Tinky-Winky: You won't get it!

(Laa-Laa's ball emerges from the Tubby-Custard machine, pops out of the green dome and rolls over Tinky-Winky)

Dipsy: By hook or by crook, we will.
Tinky-Winky: Who are you?
Dipsy (with hat on): The new No. 2
Tinky-Winky: Who is No. 1?
Dipsy: That would be telling. You are No. 4
Tinky-Winky: I am not a number! Where have all the Teletubbies gone?!!

(Laa-Laa and Po exit out of the green dome, jump up and down and shout, "Again! Again!". The entire intro is then repeated.)

Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po giggle and say bye-bye while jumping into the green dome. Tinky-Winky refuses but is knocked in by Laa-Laa's ball. A far away view of Teletubbyland is now shown, with an image of Tinky-Winky's head growing from a small point to full screen size, followed by prison bars slamming in front of his face. The Prisoner theme plays while the credits are shown. During the credits, sections of Po's scooter are displayed on the screen piece by piece until fully assembled. The show is officially over.

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